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    Bitch fuckin' stole me chaingun!

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  1. ...after exactly 21 months since it was confiscated off me. And for some reason, it boots up a lot faster than I recall. Maybe because the 20gb I used as the primary master is slow as shit compared to my 160gb.

    Not only that, but Dad also gave me a DVD burner plus 40 or so DVD+R's!

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    2. TawmDee


      Dean is so rebellious.

    3. sgtcrispy
    4. deathz0r


      17" monitor seems to be fine. It just suffered from a rather bad case of overheating (plus it smelt something similar to toxic as well). Going on with the streak of bad luck, the onboard LAN chip in the computer I have been using for net-related crap has now suddenly became unresponsive! Horray!