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  1. So I made this video with TA: Spring's ever-so-useful DirectShow video encoding feature... which doesn't record sound, but that's bearable.

    There are a few clips which I need to remake (which are quite obvious when you see them), but it's generally complete.

    And for reference, the song featured is Frankie Goes To Hollywood - Two Tribes. Why did I choose it? Because I was listening to it and it kinda connected well.

    Comments? Criticisms? "omg deathz0r give me gay sex right now"?

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    2. SyntherAugustus


      Omg so im not the only person who knows of this wonderful port. Do you play spring online?

      edit: omg deathz0r give the krogoth gay sex right now.

    3. Xenaero


      This video has a cool ROB-looking unit thing in it, I approve.

    4. SyntherAugustus


      Aguni said:

      This video has a cool ROB-looking unit thing in it, I approve.

      If you're referring to the big guy, that's teh Krogoth.

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