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  1. I hate CSS when it likes to act like a bitch, and quite frankly, this is getting beyond funny:


    You think setting the width of a div, span or (dare I say it) table cell would be straight-forward, right?

    WRONG! I'm getting varied results from people, but I want to make sure I can collect all of this data and see how I go about making a solution to this problem.


    Please tell me what you see between those two (or neither), and please mention what browser AND version you're using.

    EDIT: Turns out WRONG RESULT was caused by .css which I was yet to upload. Good thing I didn't, but I don't like fixed-length pages one bit...

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    2. AndrewB


      Mancubus II said:

      Care to explain why you are of this opinion?


      Lüt said:

      Why all the <center> hate? ;(

      It would be like having a <blue> tag that just makes text blue. It's completely illogical. However centering stuff is straightforward and common enough that I guess we just accept it having its own tag.

      Csonicgo said:

      CSS is nifty, but I like just plain HTML. :(

      As long as none of your pages have anything in common with each either, plain HTML is fine.

      Deathz0r, seriously try putting this doctype at the beginning of your webpage and see what happens. The doctype WILL affect the appearance of pages in newer browsers.

      <!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Transitional//EN"

      Also try changing your html tag to just <html>.

    3. Csonicgo


      I use the OffByOne Browser, located at offbyone.com . it is a strict HTML browser for anonymous surfing/extremely low end computers. I like the fact that most popular sites have an HTML only equivelant to CSS and javascript functions, like google. So, No CSS for me. the wiki looks like shit.

    4. AndrewB


      Seriously dude, plain HTML sucks. Tag soup is for losers.