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    Bitch fuckin' stole me chaingun!

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  1. My b-movie quest now has a purpose, and I managed to drag Hyena and Tom_D into it. Props to Manc for hosting

    Not only that, but now that I receive government welfare money directly (instead of mum taking all of it), I can buy a whole bunch of Region 1 DVDs from Amazon for all the crap least likely to make it down here in Region 4 land.

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    2. Ralphis


      Way to spend your welfare money you leeching mother fucker!

    3. deathz0r


      Naked Snake said:

      You need an American, too many Brit-derived opinions!

      No way, it just makes the domain name more funnier. But exp^x should be writing his review now!

    4. Shaviro


      The Forbidden Zone is an awesome movie.