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  1. Well, technically my mum scored it, but:

    A hour ago a delivery guy came around, handed me a package, I signed it etc etc. I saw mum's name was on it, so I figured it was just another gift that some random dude from some dating site. I noticed the Sony logo on the package, looked at the invoice and saw "PSP base pack white" and was shocked to think that some random person would waste a relatively large sum of money on my mum that she's never met in real life. I looked at the invoice more carefully and noticed two things of interest:

    1) The price/value columns have nothing printed in them
    2) The customer account number is 5,000,000

    Admittedly I didn't notice 2) until a fair few minutes later, and I was thinking of why the hell a PSP would arrive and she never informed me about it.

    Then it hit me.

    She just scored a free PSP.

    I don't know how the hell that was possible, but it's sitting on the kitchen bench, unopened. I don't know what firmwire version it has or what she's gonna do with it, but I know that it doesn't suit her lifestyle at all (since she doesn't get much time to play video games nowadays) and there's a fairly good chance that she will give it to me because she won't have a logical use for it that I can currently think of.

    I should note that she's still at work and when I tried to ring her mobile, she didn't respond. I don't even know if she's aware that she just got a free PSP.

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    2. Planky


      deathz0r said:

      Fortunately you can hack it up to downgrade the firmware to 1.50 and then upgrade it with a custom firmware that is a mixture of 1.50 and 3.03, the latest firmware and plays every homebrew game/app without problems. Win-win situation there.

      Nice. It was running 1.70 before I sold it - at that point there were no downgraders for that version and I didn't want to brick it before I sold it.

    3. GGG


      deathz0r said:

      $10 says that you completely missed the title of this thread and the entire content of the original post other than the word "PSP".

      Oh, I forgot. PSP games and UMD movies are free. Silly me.

      Though I was kinda just trying to offer you some support because your mum wanted to keep it for herself.

    4. Bucket


      Were you raped by a PSP when you were young, or something? Because for some reason you seem to be so blinded by your hatred that you refuse to acknowledge the concept of firmware hacking. Do the words 'emulator' or 'torrent' mean anything to you?