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  1. After almost seven years of cable, I've decided to jump the sinking boat (it sucks ass here in Australia) and move to ADSL. While it would be really fucking sweet to have ADSL2+ (because unlike most people I talk to, I actually want a decent upstream speed) I don't see that happening in the near future due to my location. Anyway, having twice the upload speed than cable and unlimited upload bandwidth is a godsend (more videos to upload! yay), but I haven't adjusted to having my downstream reduced to 1/8th of cable yet. It's not that I'm impatient or anything, it's just a new experience for me, very much similar to how I went from dial-up to cable back before I had pubes and being shocked at how fast everything went.

    Another thing that also shocked me is that it took only three business days from ordering ADSL to catching up on everything that I've missed out on, especially when it said it'd take somewhere between five to ten business days to confirm my Direct Debit details, which has apparently not been received yet even though I sent it via email on the same day I ordered ADSL. Oh well, free internet I guess!

    Oh, and I also have a 80gb limit now, divided into "peak" and "off-peak hours". For $30 extra, it was well worth gaining eight times the bandwidth limit and not having the downloading and uploading combined into one limit!

    No, it doesn't explain why I've been "dead" for three weeks. Yes, I do have a lot to catch up on for /newstuff. No, it probably won't be done by this Sunday since I also finished my four week holiday last Sunday and I need to get back into my routine at waking up at 6am and trying to care enough for that Website Dev/Networking certificate that I'll probably never put into good use anyway.

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    2. Csonicgo


      alexz721 said:

      Ha, bandwidth limit.

      I always balked at the thought of "bandwidth limits". Thank god I don't have one.

    3. spank


      I have 8Mbit/s cable, which I signed up for exactly a year ago. Back then we had a 10GB int'l download limit, which really wasn't one, because by the end of the month we had surpassed it by 30GB. We paid an extra €240 (~USD 300) for it, besides the usual €50 (for the connection and the TV channels).

      Next month, the limits were upped to 40GB at no expense.

      The month next to it, the limits were removed.


      Still, this connection is pretty fast and AFAIK this is the only ISP which doesn't have ridiculous thresholds. My dad has 24Mbit/s ADSL... with a 10GB limit during week days, and a stupid extra tax (like, 2 cents per KB).

    4. deathz0r


      Danarchy said:

      Huh, around here DSL is crap unless you're sitting on top of the hub. If you are, go with it, but otherwise cable is a lot faster. I hate to say it, but this Comcast I'm paying for is the fastest internet I've ever had, and it's almost worth the whole $60.

      Unfortunately I'm living a mere 10 kilometres away from obtaining 24000/1024 ADSL2+ with a 50gb limit for about $80AU. It sucks having to live on the brim of urban Melbourne.

      While cable does have excellent download speeds, the shitty upload speeds and how expensive it is doesn't make up for keeping it any longer.