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    Bitch fuckin' stole me chaingun!

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  1. summarize it for me please, I'm out of touch

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    2. Kaiser


      Haven't done anything interesting in three years except piss people off.

    3. Bank


      Stupid is a state of mind, dumb is the absence of one.

    4. deathz0r


      Shaikoten said:

      Dean didn't fix the wiki.

      Aw crap I'm getting out of here

      Creaphis said:

      Enough about Doom. What are you up to, deathz0r? How are you doing?

      It's 5am and I'm sleep deprived and I'm looking forward to my first day of work since I've been on leave for the past two weeks (as part of Australian law regarding full-time work) so I'll quickly summarize as "I got out of my bedroom, socialize with people who are just as deranged as myself, threw myself into a twenty grand debt for an IT course of dubious value that promised a guaranteed job within four months, got myself a job due to the course a year after it had finished and have been slowly paying it back since."

      Right now I'm looking to moving out of home so I can live a lot closer to Melbourne as I spend three hours a day going to and from work, but I only just noticed that I need to throw down a bond and the first month of rent in advance, and I currently only have enough money for the bond. Looks like I'll need to get myself another loan!

      I'll respond to the rest when I can actually think straight, but there's a lot of interesting stuff (plus I know about ReMooD and the current /newstuff review system, since the fact that I stopped doing the regular reviews had caused the current system to exist)