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  1. deathz0r

    Doom Streams

    More twogers dev work, and maybe some playtesting??? ? https://twitch.tv/deatsaw
  2. A friend of mine had sent me these photos a few years ago regarding their ex's copy (which I believe they sold) - unfortunately these are the best quality photos I have, since I just asked them if they had the original photos and they don't anymore. Still, time to throw another wrench in the list of disk labels: and as a bonus, have the receipt as well, which shows a curious purchase date relative to the floppies:
  3. deathz0r

    Author Appreciation Thread: Dean Joseph (deathz0r)

    Hey, this was really unexpected to see but appreciated regardless! :D I don't get as much time to play through other WADs nowadays with irlâ„¢ and other interests getting in the way, but hopefully future maps I have planned (or currently working on) will continue to inspire others to try stretching the possibilities of what can be done with the limitations of various source ports. look at this goddamn jabroni
  4. Even if that news article is behind a paywall, a couple important things to note while emphasising the obvious that I'm not a US Lawyer, but I did spend a solid month a few years ago reading through US copyright registrations and renewals explicitly for trying to compile a more accurate list of animated shorts in the public domain compared to existing online sources, given that US copyright law prior to 1964/1978 (and after sometime in the 1900s, can't recall the exact year but that's irrelevant) required that registrants had to correctly file entries that lasted 28 years, plus another 28 years for renewing the copyright: Trademark law is distinctly different from copyright law and only effectively expires when the trademark holder is defunct, and the likeness of Mickey Mouse will effectively be mandated by Disney (or whoever owns the trademark) ceases to exist With that in mind, given the clickbait articles I've constantly seen regarding Steamboat Willie entering the public domain, there's already two Mickey Mouse shorts that are in the public domain and have been for decades - Minnie's Yoo Hoo from 1930 (which was exclusively distributed to Mickey Mouse fan clubs and was not renewed in 1958) and The Mad Doctor from 1933 (which was not renewed in 1961), both of which can be easily found on public domain VHS tapes but I'm only aware of one public domain DVD that has The Mad Doctor. Disney's Treasures DVD collection does feature both shorts, but The Mad Doctor has a modified intro/ending that could technically fall under a renewed copyright explicitly for that version. Not related to Disney, but a large majority of Warner Bros cartoons from 1943 that are in the public domain are because they were never filed for copyright in the first place, showing a rather interesting perspective of how some old film had entered the public domain - some of the black&white shorts that were never registered had new copyrights for the redrawn colourisations that were done in the 1960s, but that does not change the public domain status of the original black&white shorts.
  5. deathz0r

    Junkfood [Slaughter, Boom]

    fp! props to all logged in fast food chains
  6. deathz0r

    The 2022 Cacowards

    Making a high-effort shitpost paid off well enough for POOGERS to get a mention, I couldn't ask for much else in a post-Mockaward era! Also, slight correction - description of POOGERS should mention 36 maps but it lists 35. It does correctly mention 36 maps within the main entry though. Some really interesting things flew under my radar this year, Don't Turn Your Back on the City was completely unknown to me and has shot up high on my to-play list, looking forward to giving that one a spin.
  7. deathz0r

    Doom Streams

    going through more NanoWadMo WADs, starting with The Lost Magic by Vortale https://twitch.tv/deatsaw
  8. The amount of RAM is irrelevant for SDRAM, since the smallest SDRAM sticks I'm aware of are 16MB - the more important reason for why SDRAM (late-socket 7 motherboards until early-Pentium 4/Athlon XP) is preferred over EDO (late-486 until mid-socket 7) or FPM (mid-286 until mid-socket 7 - both EDO and FPM can be found as 72-pin sticks that are mechanically and electrically compatible) RAM is simply because the thoroughput of SDRAM is significantly higher than both EDO and FPM. Additionally, the L1 cache of socket 7 CPUs has anywhere between twice to four times the thoroughput of 486 CPUs and since this was still an era where L2 cache was on the motherboard, there were improvements with the mobo chipsets combined with lower latency and increased thoroughput of newer cache chips which also significantly improve the performance. Different mobo chipsets can also impact performance, but I don't have enough mobos sitting around to get data that granular. (also I killed the socket 7 mobo that I did the playtesting from Z1M3 onwards, and prices for good socket 7 mobos are stupid on eBay) So why is that relevant? For shits and giggles I started doing my playtesting playthrough on a 486 DX4-100 setup (with a good ol' VLB video card and FPM RAM) and I got through Z1M1 and Z1M2, noticing that there was increasing amount of stutter the further I progressed. When I was testing Z1M3, I was noticing atrocious performance with vanilla in even when using a 1.4Ghz Pentium 3 setup (quick sidenote: L2 cache is now baked in the CPU and running at full speed at this point, so there's no longer a performance penalty between L2 cache on a mobo and a CPU) where it was getting choked hard and continuously stuttering non-stop. Something didn't seem right about that and I told essel about it. A bit of optimising with animated textures happened and suddenly Z1M3 became a lot more playable. I decided to go back and check the start of Z1M2 (as there's noticable delay between being teleported into the main map) and figured out from that what was the minimum CPU and type of RAM required - Z1M2 being a good indicator because it has a ton of midtex work at the start of the main map and 486 CPUs choke on heavy midtex usage, 386 CPUs choke even harder relative to their performance. My estimate for 32MB is based on the testing before animated texture optimisation - I suspect 16MB would have a small amount of stutter in certain areas. I have picked up a "cheap" socket 7 mobo a couple days ago which has both SDRAM and EDO/FPM slots, so I can do a bit more testing for whether there's a difference in the stuttering for texture/flat heavy areas like Z1M3. I'll get to that soon(tm)
  9. This definitely happens with PrBoom+/DSDA-Doom when uncapped framerate is enabled - that's a side effect with how they handle the interpolation between gametics which is very noticeable with any instant-speed movement.
  10. Having tested this on vanilla with a REAL 90s PC, I can say that you need a Pentium MMX @ 166Mhz and SDRAM to run this somewhat smoothly but there's only so much you can do to get around the 8MB heap size limit of vanilla, so there's still unavoidable stutter especially when there's lots of textures and flats. Using doom32 and having sufficient RAM (most likely 32MB) will most likely remove the main performance bottleneck, but I was interested in making sure that KDiZDiZD [WORKS IN INTENDED SOURCE PORT] and I'm glad that I got to see cool shit going on and helped point out performance bottlenecks. It makes me want to see FastDoom's dehacked support get improved massively, because I'm curious to see it working at good speed on a 486DX4-100.
  11. deathz0r

    Doom Streams

    a comfy and casual UV continuous playthrough of Hell Revealed, part two (requested by @SaladStream ) https://twitch.tv/deatsaw
  12. deathz0r

    Doom Streams

    a comfy and casual UV continuous playthrough of Hell Revealed, part 1 (requested by @SaladStream https://twitch.tv/deatsaw
  13. deathz0r

    Does the sidedef limit matter? (Boom Format)

    As boris said, if DB2-derived editors still hit over 65,535 sidedefs after compression then an error message will pop up saying that it's unable to save. I took this screenshot while working on Poogers MAP29: It's also possible to hit the vertices limit (65,535) before hitting the linedef limit if you have an obscene amount of free-floating lines, such as very complex voodoo scripts for example.
  14. deathz0r

    Doom Streams

    a comfy and casual UV saveless pistol-start playthrough of Valiant, MAP26-?? https://twitch.tv/deatsaw
  15. deathz0r

    Doom Streams

    a comfy and casual UV saveless pistol-start playthrough of Valiant, MAP20-?? (requested by @Daerik back in September '21 or something) https://twitch.tv/deatsaw