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  1. NeoWorm

    Underused high quality resources

    NMN made some really nice new monster sprites that I never saw being actually used. And that's a shame. https://forum.zdoom.org/viewtopic.php?f=37&t=69433
  2. NeoWorm

    If You Could Add A New Class To Hexen...

    I have few ideas already cooking. But I am lazy and stuck at making sprites. I also need some robust method to replace items in maps in a way that would be compatible with multiplayer with any classes combinations and which will be easy to extend for more classes. I would also want to add unique Flechette and Icon of defender effect to every class. Corvus the Sidhé - it's a Corvus from Heretic, with improved sprites to blend with Hexen better. - Staff - I decided to use staff instead of gold wand, wand is kinda boring so it would need complete remake to make it at least tolerable during the beginning of the game. - Ethereal Crossbow - needs a buff compared to Heretic - Hellstaff - it will shoot in bursts compared to Heretic - Ancient Phoenix rod - will work more as a BFG than rocket launcher, I already made new projectile sprites and better phoenix explosion Inquisitor/Monk - a recycled Eriance's/Amuscaria's weapons from old Demon Eclipse, kinda eviler version of cleric with more magic visually inspired by Blasphemous. - Gargoyle wand - changed to have projectile drop but higher damage to be unique compared to sapphire wand - Lifeleech - hitscan weapon that is kinda weak, but can regenerate health for player - Shredder - hefty shotgun like weapon with poison damage - ? - I have the Demon Eclipse version of Wraithverge right now, but I am still struggling with making it's effect somewhat interesting Necromancer - pretty much direct port of HeXen 2 Necromancer, I still miss all the hand animations and character sprites - Sicle - just quick melee weapon, maybe some mechanic which buffs it's damage if you recently killed somebody, can be stackable up to some ammount - Touch of death - a homing projectile spell, changed from the boring magic missile even when the effect will be comparable - Teeth spell - spell shooting teeth, direct damage if they hit enemies, hitting floors or walls will let them stay on floor and hurt enemies that walk through them - Raven staff - just like in HeXen 2, but it's kinda similar to Bloodscourge so I may change it somewhat And now some more wild and less refined ideas The Shadow Knight - ninja from ID's Shadow Knights, more westernized fantasy version of ninja than real japanese one. For weapons there has to be shurikens for sure. Shapeshifter - something similar what Gez suggested, I wanted werewolf and weredragon morphs as blue and green weapons with last weapons morphing enemies into animals that will help you Dastan the Prince - from Prince of Persia, sword, shadow whip, blue flame and dagger of time as weapons Moriah the Thief - female thief from D&D Shadows over Mystara, I like the design and HeXen lacks female classes. As for weapons I want short sword with ability to deal double damage if hitting enemy from behind, sling with explosive bullets. Sorceress - more good and lawful version of mage, I would like her to have Glaive from Krull as ultimate weapon Amazon - Diablo II Amazon with more general warrior woman schtick. Weapons will include spear and bow. Gillius the Dwarf - from Golden Axe. He will carry a blunderbuss for sure and ultimate weapons will be The Golden axe.
  3. NeoWorm

    [Wolfenstein: Blade of Agony] Achievement Ideas? (p13)

    Wow, I should probably buy Score again after ten years or so. I still have somewhere their DooM2 review wich was straight up poetic. Edit: https://www.oldgames.sk/mag/score-11/page/20/ A bit of a translation: A day has come when there is too much sin. Hell is bursting in seams. Tormented souls struggle in the sludge of pain and scream for more space. Demons and their servants tear the borders of our world. Borders thin as virgin's honor and when they burst there will be Hell on Earth.
  4. NeoWorm

    Doom Pictures Thread 2021

    The big evergreens are models, rest are sprites. There are also wall textures in the background.
  5. NeoWorm

    Doom Pictures Thread 2021

    Some new background textures, thinner pointy 3D model for the tree and new skybox. I am content, it looks like forest. I hope I won't kill performance by flooding the level with sprite and 3D model trees.
  6. By viable I mean a way that gives me some kind of advantage over the other methods, maybe depending on situation I am in. But those don't, on the contrary. They take longer, put me in more danger and I still have to juggle the weapons like madman. It may be useful once in a full moon to finish the marauder, but it's setup is still more difficult than just killing him the intended way. And yeah, it is connected into how levels, arenas and all combat in Eternal is constructed. Most of the combat scenarios are the same and include monster that have one way to be killed effectively removing any variety from the encounter except for self inflicted challenges. That is not good design.
  7. NeoWorm

    Doom Pictures Thread 2021

    No, that is yet to come. I just steal ideas left and righ. Just the idea, sprite is made from scratch.
  8. That doesn't mean it wasn't bad design even in the older games. The ammount of mods that limits HeXen Centaur shield duration or straigh up removes it prove that. That is another huge can of worms that Eternal has - you are literally unstoppable and can basically fly in the arenas. Only way to make enemy that can challenge you and stop you is to make the enemy bullshit unfair. They designed themselves into a corner and then they tried to fix it with invulnerable enemies. They decided to make the game huge power fantasy and a challenge at the same time but were forced to make too many sacrifices to achieve that. I think I said SSG+Ballista combo with some minor variations. Swapping the weapons is that minor variation to me. And yeah, I should said it better that the main problem is the scenario, I kinda assumed that with the theme of this thread it would be clear what my problem is. And the microwave beam and remote det rocket strategies are not viable. Even the video above proves it. The enemy is designed to be killed in one way and one way only, everything else is discouraged or straigh up impossible.
  9. He is not universally hated, because he can be cheesed in seconds once you know how and it feels kinda good that you can do it. But that doesn't mean he is not limited to singular combat scenario that gets old real fast if you don't enjoy the weapon switching wankery.
  10. Every single video shows hitting him when he flashes green, the guy just does it really fast. Yeah, you can unload on him with different weapons than just shotgun and balista, but the combat scenario is always the same. I forces you to get to exact place and time and than you can kill him. There is no way to bait him in any way, there is no way to manipulate him, you just have to get in his face and unload on him when he lets you. You didn't proved anything. There were ways to bait him with I think it was remote det rocket and ice bomb that forced him to turn away with shield up so you could shoot him. They were patched out because Hugo hates players not playing like he wants. This monster is just stupid and bad, you can't change my mind with arguments like these.
  11. NeoWorm

    Original atmosphere is lost?

    I said disneyland, but I obviously didn't meant it as a visual style. Eternal is constructed as amusement park ride, not as anything even remotely resembling functional world. It immediately destroys immersion and atmosphere keeping only admittedly impressive visuals. But visuals that are empty otherwise. And classic doom wasn't goofy because they wanted it to be goofy and over the top. They just didn't cared and nobody read the story blurps anyway. The game itself could be taken pretty seriously. But Eternal tries so hard to tell you a story it almost hurts. And the story is so bad that even Plutonia intro is like Shakespeare when compared. It's not that bad it's good, I really think Hugo thinks it's actually good, and it just isn't. And it's that much more shameful because 2016 was able to make the story work with the game, be original and unintrusive. There is no lore, only random ideas wihtout any connecting tissue.
  12. NeoWorm

    Original atmosphere is lost?

    Eternal looks like overstuffed disneyland ride full with all the kitch and bad taste that comes with it. 2016 was more down to earth but at the same time it looked and felt hostile and otherwordly. It had the finesse that Eternal is so lacking.
  13. NeoWorm

    Original atmosphere is lost?

    That is what happens when you replace your actual writer with Hugo Martin and some other morons. Once I found out that Hugo is credited as writer it explained a lot of things.
  14. Spirit, cursed prowler, stone imp should be straigh up scrapped. Or better never ever put in the game in the first place. Forcing player to use one singular way to dispatch them is pinnacle of bad design. Spirit especially since it effectively removed plasme rifle from weapon rotation because not having plasma with microwave ready means long protracted boring combat. Marauder is bad too because even if there are other methods to kill him, none are viable except the one ssg ballista combo. It needs alternate ways to fight him. Funny thing that some people complain that he is actually too easy. He is not, he is just completely predictable and once you learn how to fight him, fighting him becomes chore more than challenge. On top of that there is massive discrepancy between his visual design and his ingame behaviour. He pulls his shield from his ass without even a hint in his visual design, he uses shotgun in short range and axe in long range... it's all backwards. They obviously came up with it's look first and than struggled to make him engaging enemy. And failed. What is in similar vein and I completely hate it is cacodemon vulnerability to granades. It's just dead easy optimal way to kill caco at any point, you just have to watch the stipid animation every time.
  15. NeoWorm

    Doom Pictures Thread 2021

    I am tryin got get some nice looking forest.
  16. NeoWorm

    [WIP] EPOCH - The Xasermap Mixtape Megawad

    Nice to see my graphics getting used. I have to check Heartland too.
  17. I am pretty sure my widescreen patch included just graphics with correct offset since I don't know SBARINFO
  18. NeoWorm

    What's a good use for Arachnotrons?

    They are walking walls. The stream of plasma can be dodged through, but it's risky, so you either have to hide or circle strafe around them or hurt them enough to induce pain state. That can create nice scenarios in itself. Not hard, but interesting enough.
  19. I am really sorry for sounding so harsh. For me the flexible and precise automatic rendering is just endlessly more interesting than palette conversion that can be done very easilly in many programs including SLADE. But thank you a lot for the script, I will try it too.
  20. Ok, if the palette is forced than it's worthless to me. It means losing color data and making the editing afterwards even more tedious. Getting the lightning setup in blender to fully emulate DooM or HeXen style is next to impossible and it needs the hand touchups and hand coloring some parts color from precise palette ranges. Automatic will choose nearest color regardless of palette range and introduce more color crunching once I try to fix that. And the lightning is another deal breaker. The Luigi sprites looks really washed up and flat. I use light from above and slightly from front a fill light and sometimes a rim light to punch up the volume of the object even more and that is still not enough to make it work without hand modifications. Sorry if I sound kinda awful, I don't want to be too critical of hateful. I am interested in creating sprites to be as close to DooM and HeXen and this looks like more problems than solutions in the end. Vanilla Blender have one huge problem and that is lack of automatization for this specific thing of rendering sprites in 8 angles with consistent lightning. It's probably not that hard to make a script for that, but I have zero knowledge about blender scripting so I am destined to leech off projects like this or do the rendering by rotating and rendering the models by hand.
  21. I have to test this. I am using Nash's blender sprite rendered that is not updated to latest blender. I am nor really keen on automatic conversion to palette straight from blender, sice I want to do hand modification to sprites to make them fit the rest of DooM/HeXen sprites, so that feature is not really interesting to me. Also Nash's renderer is actually rotating the model instead of using multiple cameras which means lights can be setup that the sprite is illuminated from front on all sides. I fear that would be the biggest problem I have with this. I will see this weekend, I won't be able to get to it sooner.
  22. Yes, this is enemy archetype that doom is missing. I was trying to do a vanila-like version with all the features of stock doom monsters for a map but I got stuck at mapping. Grenadier could be really nice variation on Revenant / chaingunner role. Priority enemy that forces player to have better spatial awareness, but can be ignored in certain situations (he can't attack higher ground properly).
  23. NeoWorm

    Doom Pictures Thread 2021

    Some more tents
  24. NeoWorm

    Doom Pictures Thread 2021

    I started new year with new stuff for HeXen.