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  1. So yesterday I was working late night at a parking lot booth with some people (I run shifts at 15 of them, so I practically know all of downtown; it's fun since I can attend many big events). I was running the upper booth of the parking lot.

    Some time into the night, 2 SUV's broke through the main gates, each one ran over each leg of a co-worker and blitzed away. Needless to say, the guy's a cripple now. That was just a big WTF to me and the others. Of course, we had to stay late and report the mess.

    The cripple seems to have gotten in a bad way with some bad people. He either owed money to or stole from a mean group.

    Just thought I'd throw that out there. Oh, and I once also worked a lot that ran 20 storeys underground. Pretty wild.

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    2. Creaphis


      That's a disgusting tragedy but I have to ask: parking lots still employ people? Around here everything is automated.

    3. Mr. T

      Mr. T

      Damn... Did he lose his legs?

    4. J-selva


      Sorry for the late reply.

      This is in Montreal. And so yes, there are plenty of person-opped parking lots, especially in the developing districts and "Old Montreal" (GREAT place).

      He lost his legs in the sense that they're functionless now, but they're still intact; however, he's considering whether to do any operation (the intent of that, I don't know).

      The guy was sort of a jerk, and having gotten himself into money troubles, you might expect something bad to happen like this. Still, he's relatively young and I feel bad that his decisions led to this.