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Shotgun Bill

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  1. Shotgun Bill

    Signing off

    well i'll be...
  2. Shotgun Bill

    read now

    not completely, you could play a game that required a cd and listed to a music cd at the same time.
  3. Shotgun Bill

    not another

    yeah, normally people are quick to share all the times they did retarded things
  4. Shotgun Bill

    what is it like

    i can vouch for that
  5. Shotgun Bill

    more doom alpha goodness

    why do i not remember those parts in the alpha?
  6. Shotgun Bill

    Share your Doom newbie experiences!!

    rented snes doom and hid it from brothers so only i could play it.
  7. Shotgun Bill

    Attention Hardware gods! A question....

    on my old montior it would squeek when you scrolled down a web page
  8. Shotgun Bill

    WTF!!! Dude thats sick!

    i jsut started high school this year and there was this black girl in my english class who was pregnant. i thought it rather odd. anyway, at least she aint killin the thing, i don't know if she's puttin it up for adoption or not, she stopped comin to school after a couple of months
  9. Shotgun Bill

    crazy questions

    f f f f t
  10. Shotgun Bill

    Lüt = not dead

    no he just got lucky. you know the saying of a thousand monkeys on a thousand typewriters? thats how is brain works :p
  11. Shotgun Bill

    Lüt = not dead

    it's a little late for should'ves
  12. Shotgun Bill

    Lüt = not dead

    watch as lüt sits back and doesn't say anything. just gonna let us hang.
  13. Shotgun Bill

    Lüt = not dead

    /me jumps up and screams YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!! i mean, spledid.
  14. Shotgun Bill

    DWBS: GBA Doom Thoughts

    if you like blood then there is this doom program you need to track down. i used to have it, called napalm something. it replaces all the deaths of enemies so when you kill a zombie with shotgun he repains standing but his whole head gets blown away and all thats left is a bloody spinal chord. it was pretty sick.
  15. Shotgun Bill

    Sisters Of Doom Site

    that wont be much of a clan with only 2 people in it.