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  1. AlysiumX

    Making the mastermind a better monster

    Seems like a lot of suggestion are around modifying the mastermind, I do wonder if its just a matter of actual design of the level, like maybe having pillar that rise and fall at random intervals where you actually need to pay attention to the patterns to have something hide behind would be enough to make the mastermind an actual threat, that and not having the bfg. Also i think its interesting to think that maybe the spider mastermind might have been more of a threat back in the early 90's before everyone was use to using a mouse and keyboard as part of their playstyle.
  2. AlysiumX

    ACS To C And C++

    I felt the need to chime in here as a doom mod I worked on directly lead to my career in programming. So I worked on doom tournament 2004 with Wad o holic and Mr Rocket adding CTF to doom legacy. To accomplish this, we need the FraggleScript scripting. I had dealt with it before, but I would say that it took a lot more than just the basics to get that to work. Working with them taught me various thing with the script such as thing like variable and other programming techniques such as loops. From that I got pretty interested in programming in general so I started to learn other language such as delphi. I ended up building a simplistic space shooter sadly using control tags as variables but it was just another step in learning development. Luckily though, I was able to show that to a friend who was already working for a company and was able to score an internship with the company based on what I had done. From there, I learned even more about programming based on the various projects I was tasked. After many years of working there my position was eliminated and I put a resume into a couple of other companies. I ended up getting a programming support role in the company I work for now. Again many years passed but through those, I was able to work with others and research on my own to find the best in programming practices which leads me to where I am now where I am a senior programmer at where I work. TLDR: So basically scripting can help you definitely help you understand the general flow of programming, but if you really want to understand how to build something, the best thing you can do is branch out and try to build projects separate from just using any kind of doom engine scripting. There are a ton of resources online to help you get through the basics. If you get stuck I recommend you post to a development source like https://stackoverflow.com/ where people seems to always be available to help. It also helps to have some sort of mentor that can give you comments on your current code to understand how you can do it better.
  3. AlysiumX

    Doom Streams

    Just went live, this time streaming something I haven't played before, Skulldash Please join me at https://www.twitch.tv/alysiumx
  4. AlysiumX

    Doom Streams

    Streaming again, continuing Agent Spork's Ultimate Simplicity. Also play through taking request. https://www.twitch.tv/alysiumx
  5. AlysiumX

    Doom Streams

    Steaming an oldie but a goldie, Agent Spork's Ultimate Simplicity. Taking level request after playing for a while. https://www.twitch.tv/alysiumx
  6. I am curious if anyone would be interested in a doom tutorials live stream, where maybe there is a set lessons or requests are taken to show certain topics? Been thinking about streaming on twitch and this is one of the ideas I had.
  7. What are you using to records yourself and the game?
  8. AlysiumX

    Daedalus help

    ermac, sup man its ~X~ How you been doing? I didn't know you still played doom. BTW you just bumped like a 5 year post.
  9. AlysiumX

    Super Meat Boy Doom?

    Only if you have about 600 doom guys running through the stage once you complete it.
  10. AlysiumX

    My new Lets Play channel

    The second video is now available. I am currently playing Baldur's Gate Dark Alliance and Legend of Zelda Link's Awakening DX. Please tune in and subscribe if you enjoy my videos.
  11. AlysiumX

    My new Lets Play channel

    Its fixed now, but won't take effect till probably the end of next week : / Thanks for subbing guys, hope you enjoy my videos.
  12. AlysiumX

    My new Lets Play channel

    Hello everyone, I just wanted to let everyone know that I started a new lets play channel where I planned on releasing videos monday - friday. Its not really doom releated, but I was thinking about doing some doom stuff in the future. Please let me know what you think, and subscribe if you like it. Thanks all Heres the channel. http://www.youtube.com/digitaldmike
  13. AlysiumX

    Gloomy Dungeons

    My wife got an android, so I figured I would check out some games for it, and I found one that look pretty familiar, any one else recognize it? https://market.android.com/details?id=zame.GloomyDungeons.freedemo.game&feature=search_result
  14. AlysiumX

    SNES Doom mod

    seems kind of like a waste of time to me, just load up a game of console doom and call it a day. Seeing the changes posted above all i see is "T h i s p o r t i s b r o k e n"
  15. There are lots of things to consider here. First off as everyone has said visual made a huge impact as far as texture alignments, I still remember trying to align crap by hand, which was good fun back in the day. Really its an evolution of tools, and just games in general. People continually strive for that level of detail they see within later games and as time goes on, the players of such mods come to expect it, thus people begin to think any level they play that isn't up to that quality, instantly becomes a "bad mod"