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  1. He (she?) even references GMOTA, Demonsteele, and other mods. http://www.pixiv.net/member_illust.php?mode=medium&illust_id=30446508 http://www.pixiv.net/member_illust.php?mode=manga&illust_id=40137138 http://www.pixiv.net/member_illust.php?mode=manga&illust_id=48565164 http://www.pixiv.net/member_illust.php?mode=manga&illust_id=43655631 http://www.pixiv.net/member_illust.php?mode=manga&illust_id=50681636
  2. ssfsx17

    Veterans: What are your thoughts on the reveal?

    Good: - SMART system - in fact I hope Doom 4 goes further and gives you the abilities of the Light class from Brink - SnapMap - The new style of PDA recordings, as part of puzzles - Dodging projectiles Bad: - Slowdown of action - Stopping the action to do some cheesy repetitive animation - Seems like the only way to use the chainsaw is with that stupid animation that's always the same every time... DUMB - Modern-style color filters. GODDAMNIT classic Doom was an incredibly colorful game that used every bright color of the rainbow! In fact, it used drastically-contrasting blues, greens, reds, yellows, browns, and grays in order to help you remember which part of the map you were in! But I bet that if you showed the classic Doom color scheme to a modern "edgy" gamer, they'd call it some kind of gay pony shit! - Brutal Doom fans think it is inherently good because of how much it focuses on gore, when in reality, classic Doom only used gore as a quick and easy method of telling you how much damage output you are doing. I dare say that I am too old to be amused by gore for the sake of itself, anymore. Now that I've learned more about the real world, and have seen LiveLeak.com videos of real violence, as well as realized what kind of pain and suffering that gory roadkill must have gone through, I am now repulsed by such images. Sure, when I was a stupid edgy teenager, I might have thought that Brutal Doom, Hatred, and the like were funny, but not anymore. I want to stay away from those kinds of people... which means staying the hell away from any community that actually likes the emphasis on gore that Doom 4 has.
  3. ssfsx17

    Ancient DOS Games - Overview of the Doom Engine

    Kris "Gemini" Asick, of Ancient DOS Games fame, has done a video overview of the Doom Engine. Probably nothing new for source port developers and other hardcore developer fans, but still quite interesting for those who previously didn't know how it worked.
  4. Kris "Gemini" Asick, of Ancient DOS Games fame, has done a video overview of the Doom Engine. Probably nothing new for source port developers and other hardcore developer fans, but still quite interesting for those who previously didn't know how it worked.
  5. ssfsx17

    Games where pistols aren't useless

    ARMA series - pistols are easier to use than rifles in close quarters. This is especially noticeable in the Invasion 1944 mod, where you assault trenchworks in the D-Day scenario. Shadowrun Returns with the Shadowrun Unlimited mod - not a shooter at all, but it has a legality / concealability system, so carrying around heavy weapons results in nastier encounters with the rent-a-cops. Alpha Protocol - third-person rather than first-person, but pistol specialization has some neat abilities Warframe - third-person rather than first-person, but pistols are useful it in mainly by virtue of having "endgame" pistols with really high damage
  6. ssfsx17

    The Doom Confessional Booth

    - When I first got Episode 1 shareware, I didn't actually play the game much. I just watched the demos and felt really scared. Especially since some of the demos ended in the player dying. Later, this habit grew into watching other people play Silent Hill, Resident Evil 1 & 2, etc. The demos for Doom 2 weren't nearly as scary - because Doom 2 itself is not meant to be scary - so I spent a lot more time actually playing Doom 2. - Didn't have a legit copy of Doom 1, Hexen, or Heretic until the Steam bundle. - I think Hexen had more of a future than Doom, if only it weren't for those obtuse puzzles and insane backtracking. The thought of Hexen 3 is much more exciting than the thought of Doom 4, even if Doom 4 somehow recaptured the magic of the original. - Blake Stone 3 would be a lot more interesting than Wolfenstein: New Order. - Repercussions of Evil would be an awesome story if it were in English. - Never played Doom multiplayer seriously. - Back when Skulltag was around, I would play it single-player and IDFA myself the Skulltag weapons, just for fun. - I use IDBEHOLDL a lot. - I like the earlier, simpler versions of Doom Roguelike, when it didn't have classes or advanced perks. And here's a big one... There are some modern / new games that I like, even though they're easy and slow.
  7. http://bethblog.com/podcast/ Most interesting tidbits: - John Romero threw foozeballs through the walls - "id mom" Donna Jackson does play the games, and thought that the explosive barrels in Doom were just decorative items at first - Rage will have enemy infighting just like Doom
  8. ssfsx17

    What did you call the monsters before you knew their names?

    Zombies -> Possessed Dudes Brownie -> Mutated Dude (because they don't sound that different from the zombies) Pinky -> Wolf-Bear-Pig Mutant Spectre -> Predator Wolf-Bear-Pig Mutant Baron of Hell -> Big Screamer Demon Overlord (they are pretty dang loud) Cacodemon (seen in the page that tells you to get the registered version) -> Laughing Demon Overlord After that, all the shareware versions of Doom came with some crappy text files that explained the enemies, and Doom 2 came with an instruction manual.
  9. ssfsx17

    Illegal immigrants found in my favorite restaurant

    All Chinese restaurants are run this way. You see, chinese people are very cheap bastards who think that cheaper = better. I know this because my parents are from China, whereas I am from America.
  10. I just started playing this WAD after seeing it on /newstuff. I totally remember all those detail-wars when people measured their e-dicks based on the number of details in their maps. I also remember how KDiZD had way too damn many keys. The rest of the stuff is probably not true but I LOLed because it basically describes every big message board ever in existence.
  11. ssfsx17

    Scariest sound?

    Doom 1: Baron of Hell's "RAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!" Doom 2: Archvile's "Mmrhrhrhrhrhrhrrrrrrr..."
  12. ssfsx17

    Microsoft have lost their minds

    I'm going to bite into the whole Linux debate and give a testimonial. I am someone who has used DOS, then Windows for all of his life. I am a young dude who just wants to do homework, chat with people, and play games on his computer. The experience I describe below is the very first time I ever used Linux, or any Unix-like for that matter. I installed Debian on one of my old family computers. Pretty easy stuff. If you don't want to think about what the heck the installer is doing, you just keep on hitting enter, then input the root password, and that's it. The windowing system was KDE. Pretty easy stuff - the configuration somehow felt... right. KDE never asked me about anything related to the OS, only about the windows and interfaces themselves. In fact, KDE can even emulate the interface of Windows. All of the hardware and devices worked instantly. It probably helps that this was a mass-produced desktop that made heavy use of USB devices. If we're talking about the average person, then all of their computers would be much like that. Updating the OS was as simple as using some shortcuts that run aptitude. As a matter of fact, this felt way more safe because it forced me to login as the root before I could do anything to change the system. This is, in my opinion, very hospitable to idiots. It forces you to stop and think, "Wait a second, this is going to change the system and stuff like that! This is some serious stuff!" Installing games and applications and all that was as simple as clicking on a link to a .DEB file and choosing to "open" it. Aptitude runs automatically and tries to install it - forcing you to login as root, depending on what it is. It keeps track of dependencies and automatically installs them if you don't already have them. As far as basic office work, websurfing, and IMing are concerned, it's just a matter of getting used to the slightly different menus and options on Linux. All the major web browsers have similar enough interfaces anyways. I'm an Opera user and found it pretty easy to install that as well. Something great about aptitude is that you can go look for programs by category and start installing them if they look good. It's basically as if it's saying to you, "I see you are looking for X type of program. Here are programs in that category." Which is very user-friendly. After this experience, I feel that Linux is very ready for the average person. You just have to find out that some distros are, in fact, made for the average person. Don't point at Gentoo or Linux From Scratch and cry out, "That is sooooo user-unfriendly!" when you know that you could have just used Ubuntu or Debian instead. I've never used any of those before, but I know that much about them. As for all the arguments about market share - they're junk. Linux already has that huge market share in the business world. My dad's whole workplace is based on Linux, and they're not programmers or hackers by any stretch of the imagination.
  13. IIRC, even the original Doom had mlook. Although, it was also mouse movement, which can be pretty disorienting to someone who's not used to it. It makes me wonder just how long it took before people realized they could use the WASD or ESDF setup.
  14. My favorite method: Doom 1: Plasma Doom 2: SSG That is all.
  15. ssfsx17

    Ever get critized for playing old school Doom?

    People hate me for playing the good ol' Doom all the time. Every time someone asks me what FPS games I play and I tell them "Doom," they give me the most dumbfounded WTF look. Today, the only real flaw I see is that the chaingun sucked ever since they put in the SSG, but that's pretty minor compared to the flaws in today's games.