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  1. catacc

    what are the changes from demo to the full game?

    I've solved the problem, kind of... I unpacked the pk4 files in the base directory and after 20 or some texture files (i think that were texture files) that were not extracted (maybe they were corrupted or maybe my winrar is a little bit old), 3 Gb total size of the game, finally is loading. I am wondering what will happen when I will encounter the level(s) that needs those texture files: will crash the game or simply I will not see some of the textures?? I hope that I will be able to continue the game with this. Sorry, but the frightening feeling of the game is what is keeping me playing. I didn't apply the patch, for the record. Btw, I am a little repetitive as well, with this I :D
  2. I have an Athlon XP 1800+ on mb Soltek K400C with 2x256Mb DDR Kingmax and GeForce 4MX 440. Other hw may be AC 97 sound, Maxtor 40Gb 7200rpm hdd ... the most important. The problem I've encountered is that DOOM 3 demo is working fine on my machine (win XP with SP2 and forceware 71.84 drivers) - well, at 640x480 with all quality features disabled, but is working, and the full game is not working. Meaning that in full game I am able to see and access the game menu, but when I'm trying to load a mission, or to begin a new game, the loader just quit and return to the menu. What are the possible causes? Can anyone help on this? I have Directx 9.0c installed but I dindn't installed the 1.3 patch. Could this patch solve my problem? Thanking you in advance for any idea.