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  1. Chameleon

    Favorite Id fps game?

  2. Chameleon

    The biggest damn thing I've ever downloaded is...

    Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me DVD Rip 4.4 GB (4.6 packed)
  3. Chameleon

    Funny Car License Plates

    JFK 666
  4. Chameleon

    Quakeworld anybody?

    Well I don't give a f*ck if it is.
  5. Chameleon

    Quakeworld anybody?

    played qw since 1998, and it has been alot of fun. the swedish and finnish ffa servers were awesome(the closed iNET and SH9). but now it's almost only about eql(european quake league) and such with the ffa population extinct. anyway i recommend the eQuake client.
  6. Chameleon


    My latest nightmare was kinda eerie. I'm standing inside a bathroom, with the door almost shut, so I can observe if anyone has broken into my apartment. This bathroom is a fake because in reality I would be standing inside the wall that separates my place from one of my neighbors. The door to my room is open, and I see light suggesting dusk is moments away. No lamps are lit. Suddenly the door connected to this "bathroom" disappear and I feel that I'm vulnerable to something. Out of nowhere, a shadowy figure walks quickly by me from my right(that would be the hall). I can't tell who it is, but the person disappears into thin air, reappearing lying down in the sofa, stands up and walks just as fast as before and it freaks me out. In a second, I'm lying in my bed(teleported perhaps). A thick blue color blurs the air and it's still dark. The door to my room is still wide open, and I spot this damn person again, walking quickly past the opening from my left(the living room). I get up and just when I think I'm gonna leave my room, the figure steps right in front of me. At first, I can't see who it is, because of the damn mystlike phenomenon. I freeze completly when I see that it's me, but instead of brown eyes, I have red devilish ones. This copy of me is giving me a grin that indicates that I've done something bad. It's satisfied, with whatever it is that I have done. I have no idea what the f it's grinnin' about, and I'm having a friggin' staredown with myself. After a few seconds, I wake up. My first reaction to this mess was that I was confronted by my ego, and it sure as Hell liked me, which disgusted me a bit. Ego equals devil, perhaps?
  7. Chameleon

    age old question, which fast food restaurant?

    mAx here in Sweden is always a treat.
  8. Chameleon

    Python swallowing Alligator = DOUBLE K.O.

    Sounds like a great fight. Another one would be Jaguar vs. Python. Overall, it's all about speed isn't it?
  9. Chameleon

    How do you unwind?

    pr0n or jDoom.
  10. Chameleon

    Age at which you lost your V-plates

    15. Now it's currently only pr0n.
  11. Chameleon

    New Orleans = Fucked

    Checked CNN.com, the Astrodome is full.