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  1. According to their Facebook page, the art of the game is stored in a 4 bit palette (yes, 16 colors), which is then rendered on screen into 32 bit colors with the visual effects of the Unity 3D engine. I think it's an interesting design choice and I'm looking forward to seeing more of this game.
  2. Interesting! Thanks, I now have a much better understanding of how you're trying to implement the scripting system with both flexibility and performance in mind. Another advantage of such an approach is that you could easily implement it gradually. A first release could start with only a small subset of the modifiable function pointers. Later on more functions can be exposed without any backward compatibility issues.
  3. So your end goal would be to have the game logic clearly separated from the game engine, while still running as fast as native code. Have you considered the approach as seen in the Quake II engine, where the game logic is written in plain C, compiled by the mod developer into a separate gamex86.dll, which is then loaded runtime by the quake2.exe?
  4. Find out what the dev team of Doom 3: Phobos meant with "2018 will be a big year". Unveil my secret little project. Preferably in some playable form.
  5. I really appreciate the photos of your pilgrimage to the lake house and the early Id Software offices. I've read "Masters of Doom" twice, and only now I actually have an impression of how the locations from the book look like. Very interesting!
  6. This feature is exploited even better half way the Catacomb Abyss, in the Ancient Aqueduct level. This level is covered in water and there are surprise attacks from enemies who hide under the surface. The enemies can be spotted when tiny bubbles are closing in on the player. It's a nice gameplay element for a game with such limited technology. Although it would have worked more effectively if the enemies would do more damage.
  7. Same here. To be honest, the other games in the 1979 overview didn't even ring a bell. I was already a teenager by the time I got interested in video games.
  8. Absoluut! It's like going on a holiday: even at remote or unusual destinations, there are always other Dutch people to run into.
  9. I've never heard of the "Hollow Earth" concept before, until I saw this trailer. It intrigued me, so I did some reading on Wikipedia. The idea of a vast, open space in the interior of the Earth is both awesome and ridiculous, so it should fit very well with the first Iron Sky movie.
  10. The programmer of the game could probably have easily reserved more space for doors. But apparently this limit of 23 doors fitted the needs of the level designers at that time. By comparison, Wolfenstein 3D has a maximum of 64 doors per level. The Catacomb Abyss has the maximum set to 5 doors.
  11. Modding games used to be my biggest hobby, back around 1998-2006. I worked on a Quake2 mod called SOG (Some Old Games), which blended elements from Wolf3D, Doom and the first two Quakes together. I contributed the programming and most of the single player maps. Then I made two RTCW single player maps, named 'Brabant' and 'Ameland'. Both had a rural setting and were situated in the WWII occupied Netherlands. My next plan was to go all out on a Doom3 single player map, situated in Amsterdam during the events of 'Hell on Earth'. Unfortunately, I underestimated the amount of development time (years) such a map takes. After putting in quite some effort I eventually lost interest. I never managed to finish or release the map. Recently I've regained some interest into modding classic games, so slowly I'm trying to get back into my old hobby.
  12. I much appreciate the smoother navigation when reading the forum from a mobile device.
  13. That does looks better. Personally, I would also remove the code duplication by doing the actual texture selection in a seperate function.const char* GetSkyTextureName(const int gamemap) { return (gamemap < 12) ? "SKY1" : (gamemap < 21) ? "SKY2" : "SKY3"; } ... if ( gamemode == commercial) { const char* skyTextureName = GetSkyTextureName(gamemap); skytexture = R_TextureNumForName (skyTextureName); }
  14. Often a completely three dimensional engine will allow the player to look straight up and down. However, when sprites are used as enemies, the view of the player has to be restricted: the sprites will look distorted when being viewed at from steep angles. That might be a reason why not a lot of games combine fully three dimensional architecture with sprites for enemies.
  15. Ok, so the Jaguar version of Doom won't be very interesting commercially. But there are many more ancient games on Steam and GOG which also aim for nostalgia or uniqueness, rather than big bucks. With that said, I do agree that the legal department of Id Software/Zenimax/Bethesda, which will be needed to grant a license, will be a hard nut to crack.
  16. In 2014, Blzut3 made a source port for Super 3D Noah's Ark. At that time he made an agreement with the copyright holder. The game data files were bundled with the source port and offered as a commercial release on Steam. The profit was divided between the copyright holder and the source port author. Would a similar approach be an option for Calico?
  17. I'm enjoying this thread a lot; it reads like a developer diary. Nice to see the gradual progression on the project. Good luck and please keep us posted with screenshots!
  18. I've played Skulltag a couple of times in the past and I still remember it as a project of high quality. Carnevil, I wish you best of luck with your new endeavour!
  19. Admitting to a nazi soldier that you're hiding jews in your house would definitly get you arrested (if not worse) and your house burned to the ground. So I would lie.
  20. I`ve played both Half Life 2 and Doom 3 and I think the identification with the Doom Marine is stronger. For a very simple reason too. The marine in Doom3 is unnamed, which makes it easier for me to assume his role. In HL2, NPC's constantly refer to you as Gordon Freeman. That way it feels more like I'm controlling Gordon, instead of actually being him.
  21. There's a possibility that more people died in the Kathrina disaster than in the Netherlands in 1953. A lot of bodies have yet to be collected and some officials believe that well over a 1000 people died. In any case, property damage is on a much larger scale now, compared to the flood of 1953. I can't believe the state of Louisiana deemed such a cheap system of levees sufficient for protecting a city with over a million citizens. There would have been so much less damage and casualties if the levees were anywhere near decent.
  22. Lost Coast is an add-on map for HL2 that Valve is working on. It's main purpose is showing some new graphical effects, but it isn't released yet. I don't have the latest Nvidia card, so I can't really comment on the looks of HDR in Far Cry and such. But I don't understand what everyone is complaining about, it's not like your being forced to run the game with HDR. If you don't like it, switch it off.
  23. Since this Jewish Messiah didn't bother to show up during World War II, I doubt he will be bothered with this much smaller conflict. Oh wait, I forgot, never confuse religion with logic...
  24. Wow, you're right. The story mentions that the Mars "station has unwittingly opened a door". Also, the nightmarish creatures are "of unknown origin". The mission of the squad team is apparently to "seal off the portal to Earth". Interesting. That leaves me with a bit of hope that they included some hellish dimension into the story.
  25. Ah, I see. So you're really just unable to recognise a non-shitty action movie. Because there have been plenty of worthwile action movies in the past ten years.