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Everything posted by khartael

  1. khartael

    Dissatisfied with modern games?

    Herp derp, I actually meant to post this in the "Best games of all time" thread.
  2. khartael

    Dissatisfied with modern games?

    Are Google and Valve really the examples you want to use...? In any case, can someone enlighten me please on just how Half-Life 1 revolutionized gaming? I vividly remember playing it on release, and, while a fun game, it offered nothing that wasn't seen before. Granted, its modding community kind of flipped around the world of FPS multiplayer (CS, TFC), but that's not Half-Life proper, really.
  3. This is incredible news. There is no community that could benefit more from this sort of thing right now.
  4. khartael

    Always bet on Duke [Update: It's official]

    But.. Duke! The safety regulations! HE'S A LOOSE CANNON.
  5. khartael

    Bad News, Good News, Crap News

    Terrible news regarding id Tech 5, but not too unexpected - it is Zenimax, after all. We probably won't see id Tech 5 or anything id ever going GPL as long as id Software is a Zenimax subsidiary.
  6. khartael

    Worst Games of 2000 until 2010

    Dude. It's being made by Obsidian.
  7. khartael

    Worst Games of 2000 until 2010

    Nope, sorry. Some of us genuinely believe the game sucks for what it is.
  8. khartael

    Worst Games of 2000 until 2010

    Fallout 3.
  9. khartael

    What Game do you think should be made into a movie?

    The Neverhood would make a fantastic movie. Then again, Wiki claims that's already happening!
  10. khartael

    Who thought... [cacodemon eyes]

    You guys just ruined the Caco and Cyberdemon for me. Forever. What has been seen cannot be unseen! Argh!
  11. khartael


    "Twittering" isn't as cringe-worthy as some other words added to that dictionary -- read the article! wtf, noob, woot, soz and omg have all been included.
  12. khartael

    Rest in peace Esa Repo

    RIP. I was wondering if there is a complete list anywhere of Espi's wads.
  13. khartael

    Elevator Fails

    Don't forget that phpBB3's Yahoo/Google/MSN/Whatever Bots also count as users.
  14. khartael

    Which half of Final Doom is better?

    I see a lot of complaints about Evilution's inconsistency... And I'm just trying to figure out how in the world can Plutonia be considered any more consistent - or coherent, at that? Anyway, Plutonia was more fun so that gets my vote.
  15. khartael

    New Rage trailer

    Now now, don't be such a delicate flower. Take a breather! Doom 3's downfalls were primarily in it's uninspired design -- a direct result of Carmack chopping the better bits of the design document in half.
  16. khartael

    New Rage trailer

    I am hoping for dear life that this is just what it -isn't-. id Software hasn't made a game that isn't just a dressed-up tech demo since Quake II.
  17. khartael

    New Rage trailer

    You know, it doesn't look too bad. Could id Software finally be back on track?
  18. khartael

    Scariest Moments In Games

    Oh man, me too. A friend of mine and I were playing it together (we were too scared by ourselves, haha) and the moment this happened I just threw my controller across the room in a fit of panic. I think my friend soiled himself.
  19. khartael

    Memorable Game Characters

    - Just about every character in Deus Ex - Klayman, Willie and Klogg (The Neverhood) - The Master (Fallout) - The Grue.
  20. khartael

    id and Zenimax, Sitting in a Tree

    I fully share Mr. Romero's feelings about this: http://twitter.com/theromero
  21. Metallica's Enter Sandman, yes.
  22. Ouch. Sorry to hear that, but it sounds like you (and possibly a few more people) got tricked.
  23. khartael

    3D Realms Shuts Down, Doomguy Gets Revenge

    They may have still been producing interesting games instead of the tech demos they have been dressing up as games since 1997, yeah.
  24. khartael

    Your favortie song in Doom 1 or 2?

    I'm surprised E2M3 (intermission) got almost no mentions, it's right after E1M1 for me when I think of Doom. Doom II music.. eh. I dunno, Map07 I guess, but they're all generally uninteresting ripoffs.
  25. khartael

    Stroggs and Dr Satan

    How considerate of that strogg to leave the poor marine's underwear on.