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  1. Deathsong12

    STRIFE- I just played it, well still playing... :)

    I was running a ZDoom attempt at making Strife 2 for a little while, but it failed thanks to bad management and lack of skill on my part. BTW, the dailouge system isn't all that hard to use, and can make for some cool stuff in Doom. It screws Coop, however.
  2. Deathsong12

    Doom Comic - A Dramatic Rendition

    Dr_Ian, do you have the original voice samples? I'd making a secret map for a friend's project, and it will be a recreation of the map the Doom Comic is set in. I'm doing the little narration boxes with Hudmessages, but it would be awsome if I could also play the voices at the right moments. If you can, send them to Loup_Garou_Games@Yahoo.com. Thanks in advance.
  3. I think Woe Without End is a pretty frankensteinish wad. I spent weeks crafting the story and world for the mod, and, lacking any graphical expertise, just grabbed all the graphics I could find from wall sorts of weird places. I wish I had Foreverhood-esque graphical power. Then I could tie everything together in one unfied theme. But it's stuff from everywhere for me, I guess. At least my story aint about godlike emotions. Trippy.
  4. Nevermind. I got it
  5. Deathsong12

    Heaven in DOOM

    Assuming we are using Doom 3 cannon, look at the Demons! Are they humanlike in the least? Something makes me think that the Angels would be alien and inhuman as well, with Heaven being similar to the Doom 3 Hell, a void of pure, pulsing energy, with the occasional floating structure. If you want to see the Doom 2 Heaven, look for a ZDoom mod called Bittersweet, by Little White Mouse