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  1. i havnt been posting on these forums for a while and i have 2 small wads for you theyre too basic to have a story or full description but i will tell you the short descriptions number one (sir williams laboratory) when you play this level dont expect alot because this is a unfinished version of a 2 level megawad coming out soon its only got one level 1 or 2 enemies untextured walls and untextured pillars invisible untextured stairs you will have to guess how to get up them if you cant see them the reason i published this unfinished wad because of the cool teleporter start layout of the level the cool underfloor tunnel and the balconys sorry this level has no exit its not finished yet wad 2 is 90% done cellar based on the cellasrs of ravensworth castle a secret castle in the uk that hardly anyones been to its a subciding ruin and this wad has perfect detail what its like now with debri and bricks all over sorry for the lite amplification goggles they ruin the dark atmosphere of the level its fun to explore i yet have to finish the details of back end of the level including fallen stones and pickups only some parts have fallen stones in this version towards the exit look out for the secret door which leads to a garden with arch vile this secret garden was an extra which is not really there that is the only part thats not in the actual castle visit the information for the castle here http://www.sunnisidelocalhistorysociety.co.uk/ravensworth.html sorry i cant find anywhere to upload the unfinished wads i will email them to anyone who wants them

    i have 2 small unfinished wads for you

    what have you done didnt i say i was going to work on it

    I think will be quiting wad designing

    dont quit a talent if your talented at making maps then dont quit doin it

    New level

    nice level your mapping skills are good style

    i have 2 small unfinished wads for you

    the level is stuck to the wad it wont go seperate hmm i will work on it heres a shot of sir williams laboratory

    i have 2 small unfinished wads for you

    ok heres sir williams laboratory nuked and here is ravensworth dungeons nuked theyre unfinished but theyre still good so go on download them

    i have 2 small unfinished wads for you

    i would recomend playing the cellars one the cellars one is better than unfinished sir williams laboratory once i get my computer mouse to fully work i will upload more ok i have made a story for both of my levels here sir williams laboratory sir william the king of a castle hidden in a forest in france has a secret laboratory there he is doing evil experiments and pretending to be a nice good king. his lab is hidden under the castle and you are one of the guards, you fall down a trapdoor while exploring the cleaning cupboard and find some guns you pick them up and explore this strange array of futuristic tunnels and control rooms and uncover sir williams secret ravensworth dungeons you are barry one of the gamekeepers of ravensworth estate and all of the gamekeepers have took a vacation for 12 weeks and come back and go to the castle to find its full of strange creatures and drunken teenagers and blasting music all down in the cellar you realise what have you done you have left the castle without security and the castle is full of creatures from the forest around it and drunk 19 yr olds this is the first episode of the whole castle series its up to you to get your pheasent killing gun and get em

    3d mode bug

    it once happened to me just be arful with 3d mode dont over use it and texture things too fast and ect


    there is too many ways to make doors and elevators to list but i can tell you how to make switches first give the switch a switch texture in 3d mode then click on the line with the switch in normal mode then it will bring up a screen then click line action or whatever it says click on what you want it to do note must be relevent to type of line def if you want the action to link to a sector elsewhere first make a sector example its going to be a crusher then in 3d mode texture it then click s to go in sector mode in normal screen then click the square/sector then put sector tag 1 then click switch put line tag 1 then go to actions and put on crusher you want and then it will be tagged the guides will help you at the top example D= door do not tag 1 = once r= repeateble always keep the sector tag same as switch that its tagged to there you go if you want more help just ask

    The Gun Shop (SORRY WERE CLOSED !)

    heres a gun i have just drew on paint called the mercury gun its not perfect but its just a little something i drew because i was bored heres a bigger one

    The Gun Shop (SORRY WERE CLOSED !)

    you should make a website based on the gunshop too i have never tried to do a gun sprite before i have only done 50 textures ever and i dont even know how to load them into doom i have tested what the textures will look like with a programme that you can build a 3d photo gallery and load textures and movies its very good to see what the textures may look like in doom but the engine is rubbish

    how do you get the monsters and items to appear?

    press the T button while in 3d mode oh and make sure you have the latest version

    Background music

    aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. ee es puz ze tyene inut<<<>>> sorry about that it seems that this forum is about musulated midi music. and you are asking people what music they want in doom well here is some songs i have chose 1) telephone hell (my tune one) 2) werquian yonder (my tune two) 3) armageddon theme tune < dont ask i cant even remember what it goes like i just remember that i have to add it 4) a very old piano song < sometimes i just cannot use my imagination 5) all of microsoft clipart music. trust me its the best and that is all. when it comes to tunes i will think of some strange ones


    can you post a bigger picture of that picture of the map you posted. it looks very good

    megawad poll

    i am thinking of making a megawad for doom i need some ideas what theme i could make here is a poll of themes. i will make the theme with the most results

    4 feature requests

    most of them things you can already do in doom builder. you need to look harder

    some annoying error

    yes doom builder is a good programme, but i agree with a few things that other people think. the thing i hate most about doombuilder is that 3 days ago i made a big level for my megawad and when i clicked the wall in 3d mode for it to texture it it came up with a message then shut itself down and the most worsest thing ---- i started a level based on a giant record player which had flashing lights a needle a record on the player and any other cool stuff that you would find it and heres the bad part - when i clicked the texture the programme instantly closed and the computer shut down instantly. when i went to restart the computer looks like doombuilder has deleted the system folder and the usual missing file repair button came up the worst part - its going to take a lifetime to find a windows xp professional disk to repair the missing file. of course i dont blame the author, its the coding that you have to get accurate to make a programme like doombuilder. if there is one thing i could recommend the author of doom builder to fix is that extremely extremely annoying click texture/close programme error!!!!!!!!!!!!1.

    I love Doom Builder

    lets reduce the 100 to 57 because thats how many it took me to create a decent level

    megawad poll

    level 3 has begun. no new textures sounds are music in this megawad. just the usual - levels over the weekend to amuse me i have made a level base megawad providing 32 levels of things you can do in an editor like doors lifts teleporters and many more things. dont laugh it was my freinds idea for this level base thing

    megawad poll

    why are you acting so stupid. i could make a wad 5000000000 times better than wow wad if i wanted to. obviously wow wad was a test level to see what would happen if the auther put the cyberdemon in the pit

    Scariest maps?

    i think the music out of central processing in final doom is very very different from the rest of doom it makes it more of an exploration level and its strange

    Scared away, back today

    i know what you are saying about the gameplay but you have to keep a balance between architecture and gameplay because different people may like different things

    Update Screen shots Genetic Disaster

    basic story but good looking level

    Toilet-themed Mapping Contest

    cyberdemons on the toilet? i would have to shrink myself, grab a shotgun and blast them. unfortunately there is a 50/50% chance i will enter this contest i am still not so sure making giant toilet levels with big smelly toilets is a good idea

    megawad poll

    ok i am beginning level 2.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! plus i do not think making a toilet level is good. it will bore lots of people and its daft plus i do not want to change any graphics or anything level 1 screenshots coming soon oh yeah and about the website. your so right about the half seen thing wads are not even a particle of what i do metal studios is my main thing and its not over ambitious its been planned with the help of 300 people for over 5 years