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  1. Nikanoru

    What's your opinion on **********?

    How is it not being a warez site a con? And some warez kids hatemailing simply because it's not a warez site when they're looking for a warez site, how is that a con?
  2. Nikanoru

    What if everyone on Earth were to vanish?

    Why wait for people to disappear? I did that just yesterday.
  3. Nikanoru

    Doom featured in Family Guy

    http://www.joystiq.com/entry/1234000480067301 If you read the article, Dan Povenmire says this footage came from SNES Doom, and that he spent weeks acuiring the console and the game, and setting it up. Obviously, he is full of shit, that's not SNES Doom. But why make up some story about it? To be cool?
  4. Nikanoru


    Never smoked in my life. Yeah, I don't really care what smokers want to do to themselves, why should I? People who feel they can just smoke wherever they want next to whoever they want piss me off badly though. I was at my little 5 year old niece's birthday the other day, and there were some little friends of hers and their parents. I walk in there and I see the children playing in a mist of cigarette smoke, the fucking redneck parents just keep on chatting and lighting up new ones. And they always do this. It's like they don't even think about it, as if they think hey, it's my fucking smoke and it's my right, don't you dare tell me what to do. And I'd want to just kick all their fucking teeth in. Both my niece and her brother have lung problems. Don't try to talk to the smokers about it though, oh no, you'll be told off in that special way that smokers can. Yeah, I don't give a fuck if they keep it to themselves but unfortunately that's a rare thing.
  5. Nikanoru

    SNES Doom mod

    If you just enable Double Horizontal detail mode at 320x240, and then reduce the screen size a bit, it looks absolutely perfect IMO. Most of the weird pixeledishness in SNESDoom came from them using double horizontal at a low resolution anyway, so that would be the best way to emulate it.
  6. Nikanoru

    SNES Doom mod

    Oh, yes I have Doom's gamma set to 1.2. Mostly because, lately everybody seems to think just because Doom 3 is pitch black means they should make their wads dark as shit too...or something. You also didn't answer my question. :p
  7. Nikanoru

    SNES Doom mod

    ruffj05: you do realise the SNES Doom is level wise pretty much the same as the PC Doom right? There is really no other point to playing this mod than to relive the old SNES graphics, the game is the same. That's why Mancubus said playing in ZdoomGL defeats the point of it. But anyways... It's great that you guys are doing this, but unfortunately you're grossly underestimating the capabilities of the poor old SNES. :p I notice that you decreased the resolution of the textures and sprites in your mod, while in the actual game, the resolution was left as it was on the PC. Here are some comparison screens to prove it, on top are screenshots from your mod, below are screens from the actual SNES game: Mod imp SNES imp Mod door SNES door Mod exit door SNES exit door Mod switch SNES switch Pretty good for that old 16 bit console huh? :p Its secrets lie in a lot of texture/sprite mirrorring (as seen clearly in that exit door screenshot, and any object sprites that were reasonably symmetrical to begin with, like pillars, are made of two mirrored halves), and I believe some decrease in color depth, but I'm not sure about that last one.
  8. I've heard someone mention a project that tried to recreate the SNES Doom differences in a regular old Doom wad, but I've searched the idgames archive and I can't seem to come up with anything. Any info? Similarly, are there wads that attempt to recreate any other console versions (besides Doom64)?
  9. Nikanoru

    It is done =D

    True, true. Even though an experienced Halflife 2 mapper might raise an eyebrow at people on this website, they'll have to respect the fact that Doom is what we like and that we take its inherent quirks for granted. But shouldn't that go for sourceport mappers versus vanilla mappers too? I mean, saying that Suspended in Dusk is awesome for making vanilla Doom look like that doesn't make Action Doom any less impressive does it? And worshipping Action Doom for stretching the boundaries of what is possible in Doom, does that worsen the experience of any great Halflife 2 mods? I think any creation should be appreciated based on what it sets out to do. That's just me though. (edit: changed "Source" to "Halflife 2" to avoid confusion)
  10. Nikanoru

    It is done =D

    Some NES emulators add options and filters to enhance the game's graphics. But nobody makes NES games that don't comply with the specifications of the NES. See where I'm going? It's not the same of course, but it's not exactly nonsense either. But I don't mean to start some hateful argument, I'm seriously interested in what drives people. Personally, I see Doom mapping as a "game", with all the "rules" that go with it. If I want to do something more (and keep it simple, like Scuba said) I actually like the Build engine better (hmm...GZDoom doesn't happen to have per-surface light levels does it?). Though the last time I did anything with a comparatively modern engine was Unreal 1, and I actually found that pretty simple to work with. In fact, much simpler even than "fake" 3D engines when it comes to creating geometry that actually looks 3D (...duh) and lighting as well.
  11. Nikanoru

    It is done =D

    To be honest, if you're going to remove the limits of the original executable, then what's the point anymore? What's the point of not just mapping for a modern engine and be rid of limitations entirely? Imagine someone were to make a homebrewn NES game (which people do) and then proceeded to modify an open source emulator to be able to do things that weren't possible on the original NES. Same thing. You might as well just go full OpenGL in that case. What's the point? Just wondering.
  12. Nikanoru


    :D And make a shopping mall wad where they all go shopping like in the pic
  13. Nikanoru


    That reminds me of this: http://home.wanadoo.nl/blackmyst/cartoondoom.gif No, I have no idea where it came from, found it on 4chan one time.
  14. Nikanoru

    [Concept Map] The RPG Engine.

    For a moment there I thought those videos were actually your work in progress. "THAT is Doom?" Haha. What game are they from? It looks like a PSX game on an emulator or something. And it seems to be borrowing very heavily from FF7. Either way, yes, it does sound very interesting.
  15. Nikanoru

    "A Modest Video Game Proposal"

    Don't know if anybody posted this yet, but somebody made his game (or something similar to it) and now all of a sudden he was "just kidding": http://www.joystiq.com/entry/1234000743063662/ Hilarious. He's like a child losing an argument.