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  1. Alastair


    Awkward. =/
  2. Alastair

    DB2: Editing Mode Help

    Thanks for the prior help, CodeImp. Deathz0r helped me out with Heretic format and everything's dandy now with my understanding of your wonderful editor. Keep up the great work!
  3. Alastair

    DB2: Editing Mode Help

    I see: I missed those tick-boxes before! There still seems to be huge limitations like no Open-wait-close option for a door, despite the fact that I can't even get a door to open (I hear the noise but the door doesn't open). On scripted spawning in Hexen format: Why would people bother when there's Thing Spawn (135) with the Map Markers? Thank you for replying already (and of course, a thousand thanks for making the programme in the first place) but do you know of a resource that might teach me how to do both (spawning and doors/teleports) in a single format? I only stumbled upon these waiting rooms this evening by chance when inspecting someone else's level to figure out the spawning - it seems thoroughly round-about compared to the Spawn Thing action.
  4. Alastair

    DB2: Editing Mode Help

    I've been fiddling with Doom editing for many years with really basic levels just with architecture and some enemies but I want to go further and have enemies spawning in and the like so I tried ZDoom (Doom in Hexen format) and got it working nicely in there and failed to realise that I've severely limited options when it comes to doors and other things that I took for granted when editing Z(DiD). No sign of things like W1, WR, S1, SR et cetera. Is there a compromise or a suggestion for how to go about getting enemies spawning in with the variety of actions provided in Z(DiD) format? Will I have to use scripting to get the nice spawning features of DiH mode?
  5. Alastair

    Doom in Flash

    This's amazing. Thre's a delay between keys pressed and action on-screen as well as a sound delay for me on my computer but what an achievement!
  6. Alastair

    Time to Set Your World on Fire

    I'm going to love this, just like I loved the other Doom novels! Granted, if they weren't about Doom I'd knock them mercilessly. Edit: Just ordered mine. Yay!
  7. Alastair

    Odamex Contest Results

    My map's a disgrace. Although there are no excuses for it and I wish I'd never entered it, I did only start it on the morning of the dead-line. I'll be making and releasing a 6 map apology Odamex WAD with the same limitations that I'll submit to /newstuff.
  8. Alastair

    Doom Turns Tricks

    Seriously? That'd make for an intense first map of the game! Doom 64 was released on what other consoles, sorry? :P The others you listed aren't official ports. Also, did someone ever rip the bonus level from the XBox port? I remember I got the IWAD off of my XBox but never got around to getting that particular bonus level out.
  9. Alastair

    Doom Turns Tricks

    Both Dooms for Playstation were technically compilations, weren't they? One disc had Ultimate Doom and Doom II and the other - Final Doom - had TNT and Plutonia as far as I recall. I still need to buy a few of these ports!
  10. Alastair

    7-year-old writes Doom fan fic!

    Same. 3 I think actually. But I thought mine was pretty good at the time. Damn I wish I still had it :( And what the hell...it doesn't take a rocket scientist to get old games and play them. An older brother... Hell I could just as easily have a 7 year old brother using MY N64... Doeasn't mean he'd be a paedophile :P
  11. Alastair

    A Level A Day

    Woah haha. 5 is the biggest doom challenge I have ever had. But I persevered and I finished it ^.^
  12. Alastair

    WAD Manager

    Well I have hundreds (maybe thousands) of wads and text files.... ALL in one folder... And I can never think of a streamlined way to edit them! I was wondering if there is a utility for this? I have been thinking about it recently. Maybe if the source for iTunes (obviously not, but a similar program) would be released so we could organise our doom levels like this. So they could have id tags like MP3s so you could sort by author, # of levels, port, game mode, IWAD etc. Maybe this has already been done? Maybe not? If some programmer reads this...I would be willing to chip in at LEAST $50 to a project... maybe others would find a utility like this as valuable as I would? email: alastair@windir.info Edit: Anyone wanna make some money by making a cool WAD MUS player =P 'do it yourself' ...shut up, i'm only asking.
  13. Alastair

    Doom Dream

    Hmm....I have daydreams while having sex with my girlfriend. Of editing levels =| ... But not impse...
  14. Alastair

    More Than a Simple Release

    Hardly simple. But it's great. It's just concise. More complex than most WADs i've played.
  15. Alastair

    The /newstuff Chronicles #251

    Caves Of Dead MAP02 has walls that change texture when you shoot them haha. pretty funny pictures all around the place. and some bikini girls.