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  1. vomited_anal_tract

    Doomsday on Mac

    I have Doomsday on my Apple computer and it runs great but the problem is I can only run ID wads. How can I be able to play custom wads? Is the Doomsday team still working on it or is there another program I can use? Also, what wad making programs do you reccomend for Macs?
  2. vomited_anal_tract

    Mac Multiplayer

    I have a Mac and I use Doomsday. I tried to connect with my friend who is a PC user and it wouldn't work. He said it's because Mac and PC block eachother's IP. Is that true? Is there any way to get around this roadblock or will I have to use someone else's PC to play? Is there some kind of server like zone.com for Doom?
  3. vomited_anal_tract

    Mac Multiplayer

    Really, I have Doomsday for OSX and it has a multiplayer menu. I can refresh the list and sometimes I see one game on the list but I experience the same problem I had before with my friend. It just sits there for a long time and closes. It also won't play SCYTHE.wad which is my favourite non-ID wad.
  4. vomited_anal_tract

    Berserk in Legacy

    Berserk is my favourite weapon. I used to think that in The Shores Of Hell there was such a little amount of ammo. But after discovering that every level contained a berserk pack, I found myself with 100 shells in the first couple of levels. The chainsaw is also an important weapon. Legacy is fucked up because when you try to use the chainsaw, you slide all over the place. I'm no programmer, but punching and chainsawing suck in Legacy. And this is important because I'm somebody who boxes Revenants, Barons, and even Arch Viles.
  5. vomited_anal_tract

    JDoom Multiplayer

    I just got JDoom and noticed that there is multiplayer capability. I want to play but I don't see any games hosted, nor are my friends interested in Doom enough. If you want to set up a Doom game on JDoom, let's talk. I've never done this before but I am ambitious since Doom is a way of life for me and I've been playing it since I was 4.
  6. vomited_anal_tract

    Why won't MIDI work?

    If it sounds distorted, your MIDI speaker may be fucked. I'm an engineer, it happens with the biggest goddamn speakers right down to the shittiest dollar store head phones.
  7. vomited_anal_tract

    Various DooM Addon Music Wads

    The music for Doom is in MIDI format. On different computers, you will notice that the music sounds different because each computer has it's own MIDI instruments. For example, the MIDI guitar on your cell phone sounds different than the MIDI guitar on your computer. There is no way to burn MIDI because MIDI isn't audible music, it's actually sheet music that computers read. If you do want to play Doom music, you'd have to play the MIDI files and record it from your speakers with a microphone. If you want it in real audio, there are millions of covers out there. I, for example, can play d_dead, d_e1m1 (properly), d_e1m4, d_e1m5, d_e1m8, d_e2m2, d_e3m3, d_e3m8, d_runnin and d_victor (sort of). I'm also composing an whole new soundtrack with my band Knee Deep In The Dead which is actually just me with an additional singer in real, mp3 format.
  8. vomited_anal_tract

    Extracting Doom Images

    Has anyone extracted all the images from Doom? I'd like to print out some pictures at the print store and make posters.
  9. vomited_anal_tract

    What new monsters would you add?

    I hate Pain Elementals, I hate Revenants, and I hate Arch Viles. I like zombies because the are easy to kill and they are simple. I'm not saying I suck, but guided rockets? Come on. How about having zombies with double barrel shotguns, rocket launchers, plasma rifles, and BFG9000s?
  10. vomited_anal_tract

    Easiest WAD Program

    What would you say is the easiest program for making WADs? I am a beginner and am confused by the complexity of these programs. Will I just have to deal with it or is there hope for beginners like me?
  11. vomited_anal_tract


    Dear WAD makers, I was on Doomworld a long time ago advertising my music as a soundtrack for an episode of Doom. Like I said back then, I'm not looking to work for some dumbass or somebody who is only going to release one WAD, I'm looking for a whole episode of Doom. I am currently working on a music project "Knee Deep in the Dead". I am the composer and I have a friend, J, that will song most of the songs. It is aimed at Arch Enemy melodic death metal but has many stomp beats like the rock 'n' roll of Entombed. For the sake of the game, the vocals will be removed and the song will be edited to loop over and over again. All I ask is that you give credit to Knee Deep in the Dead, put a link to the website, and notify that the music is under Creative Commons license. I will add updates and samples later.
  12. vomited_anal_tract


    Dear WAD makers, My name is Stiv and I'm a musician who owns a studio. Music is my life and I've been playing Doom all my life. If there's one way to make me happy it's to make a soundtrack for Doom. Since I have a Mac and they won't make Doom for Mac properly I'm unable to play custom WADS. I also only have the Doom 1 demo. If you are making an episode and are looking for a soundtrack please send me your screenshots to poosoldier@hotmail.com and I will pick which one I like best. I will then work with you to make the soundtrack, though I am confident I have enough current songs to fulfil your needs. I am also pissed off that Doom 3 is so untraditional and is some stupid Halo piece of crap. It's no wonder Trent Reznor (who did Quake) refused to do the soundtrack for it. By making a soundtrack for a custom Doom episode I feel as if I disaproving of Doom 3's non Doom theory. Please participate.
  13. vomited_anal_tract


    Post, I condemn you to Hell. DIE!!! I hate it when this happens. Too many people who are uninformed speaking anyway, misinterpretations, etc. Who ever said it first was right. I should have gone to the maker rather than posting it here.
  14. vomited_anal_tract


    I don't want to be rushed so I will refuse this Aknai mod. Seeing as Nick Perrin was less the gore loving blood freak I thought he was, I am cutting off communication with him.
  15. vomited_anal_tract


    Woa that looks pretty bad ass! Right now I'm talking with Nick Perrin but there still is plenty more of me to go around. I want someone to make an episode where you go on a cannibal rampage and you murder all sorts of fuckers for no reason. Then they turn into zombies and there are monsters all over the place. There are also millions on uneccessary decorations like faetuses hanging from their umbilical cords, images of genital impalment, and vomited anal tracts, etc. Can anybody make me a completely irrationally violent rampage episode?
  16. vomited_anal_tract


    Where did this sudden inflamation of negativity come from? I can't find Doom 2, end of story. I want to get recognized by the Doom community because Doom is a fucking awesome game and it is in fact very influential to my life. If I can't thank the makers then I'll contribute to it's players.
  17. vomited_anal_tract


    I didn't want to have my own screen before the game starts because it pisses me off when I'm waiting for something to start but I'm bombarded with useless animations of corporate logos. I wanted the player to play the wad and hear the songs and say, "Hey that's pretty good. I'm going to check the credits at my own discretion to see who wrote it and maybe I'll find some mp3s". I think that Doom 3 is a completely different theory that Doom. You walk into a hall and shoot into a dark corner and 1 guy dies. Then you walk into another small room and kill another 1 guy. Don't even get me started, but it is absolutely sacreligious.
  18. vomited_anal_tract


    I was hoping that I would score for a whole episode, not just one little map, no offense. I want to get recognized by the Doom community and if I'm going to make it then I want a big major project.
  19. vomited_anal_tract


    Very good ear my friend. It builds up, it has suspense, it breaks down. The full version is 3:48. The original non-Doom version has a bit of an industrial intro with distorted drums and cool synths and that version is 5:39.
  20. vomited_anal_tract


    Fine. Here is my favourite one for Doom. It's that choir one I've been talking about. This is a 49 second demo of it. Get it quick, you only have a certain amount of time to download it. If you want it after this just ask. http://rapidshare.de/files/4808196/Doomworld_Sample_1.aif.html All of those noises you hear were made by my mouth (with a little help from the distortion effect) except a synth I used in the beginning. Pretty cool eh?
  21. vomited_anal_tract

    Updated screens: Total Control

    That looks really cool but your indoors pictures look too narrow and small. Your outdoor pictures seem nice and spacey however.
  22. vomited_anal_tract

    Page with sprites (only preview)

    The Imp Brute and the Fire Imp are fucking hilarious! There is still a bit of brown in the Armed Imp though.
  23. vomited_anal_tract


    I do not have any samples. Whenever I try to upload music on a website it never works. I need to get my friend to properly convert it to .mp3. Carcass is awesome. I have many different types of music. My favourite right now is a one man choir I did. I know that sounds kind of gay, but it's really really creepy when played with Doom and you have to try it. For exciting levels I would high velocity pumped up cocaine songs. Something heavy like Carcass but showy like E1M1 in Doom 1.
  24. vomited_anal_tract


    Carcass kicks ass. The metal from Doom was most memorable but it's not all what I'm about. I have plenty of different types of music.
  25. vomited_anal_tract


    The OS9 Doom SUCKS. I hate it. "F" is fire, and the rest of the controls are retarded. The screen gets fucked up, it's tiny, I hate it and I'm never going to play it. I also can't find JDoom. Thanks for your help but I think I'm going to buy a PC from the flea market instead.