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  1. Cranium

    Doom 3 Has Gone Gold

    sSsccchhwwweeeeeet........ /me slobbers on self
  2. Cranium

    More Doom 3 Screenshots

    Woah, thanks for the links and the schooling, I'd missed that baby somehow. Hope he glows like a pupil-shrinking inferno when he powers up! And don't anybody worry about the state of MY asscheeks. I've dragged them through hell and back - they couldn't be more callous if I was wearing turtle shells for a thong. ;)
  3. Cranium

    More Doom 3 Screenshots

    Eeek! Any linkage?
  4. Cranium

    More Doom 3 Screenshots

    >>so far it looks like there's only one skin per model<< Kenneth Scott adressed this in particular during the computergaming.com/article2/0,4364,1426286,00.asp]interview, so I don't think we have too much to worry about, though I echo your worry Rellik. Oh, and thanks for taking the trouble of detailing the wallclimbing issue, I was getting all lemon-faced thinking of how to break it down for Fredrik. ;-) >>Where are teh Hissies?<< They better be dripping with dark red blood when and if they turn up! I fear for the Mancubi too, as their bulk made them wide-open space types, which there is a distinct lack of so far - I bet the unified lighting can't quite handle the football-field sized areas of, say E1M2. At least not with the hardware it debutes on. They're bound to hold a lot of stuff back though, there's still no sign of Cybie, gatling gunners or Archvile... EDIT: de-n00bed my link
  5. Cranium

    Not Asleep Anymore

    Awesome to see the Sleepster active on the web again! /me updates favorites EDIT: HAPPY NEW YEAR DAMMIT!
  6. Cranium

    Signing off

    Wow, the end of an era for sure... /me's brain tries to compress five years of Doomworld into a post and fails miserably Good times were had man, most excellent good times were had. Getting major deja vu melancholy from the chat days now... :P Thanks Ling! PS! Can I have Hissy?
  7. Cranium

    New Doom 3 Shots (!!!)

    >>Wait a minute though... isn't that scientist guy in the first screenshot John Carmack?! :)<< LOL, I think you might be on to something! :D >>The shadows are too "dark".<< Infidel! That's what the game is about, reclaiming true dynamic black. There can be no fear without it. Of course there'll be some jagged edges here & there with the new lighting system, but they tend to stand out more in screenshots anyway. Once it's in motion I'm convinced it will all be liquid. >>awesome shots, the models look very amazing. i wonder how many can be on sceen at once ;P<< One of many million dollar DooM III questions! :D
  8. Cranium


    It seems to me that good Doom news on the net was almost extinct by 97, when Quake was hot & new and Doom hadn't quite become the vintage it is now. I can't remember if it was Romero or me that bumped across the ID4 (Satan's own movie) TC site, which was a helluvalot more interesting for its Doom news than the project that was running at the time. All the Doom freaks at Ion ended up bookmarking it. It was pretty much the only site that took pride in being up-to-date at the time. Eventually, after extended inactivity on the ID4 project (thank God) Ling changed the site to Doomworld and the world was a better place. Or maybe my hazy memory banks are raping the whole chain of events. Wasn't there an article on this subject a while back, an interview about Doomworld's roots? How'd it go Ling, care to share if you recall or post some link'age? :)
  9. Cranium

    Levels and stuff

    Holy shit, I'd forgotten that last level in Dark Forces! Schweetness! In Doom3 I wanna jet-pack between moon-bases & dive into lunar valleys to look for hidden levels. I wanna shuttle between space-stations in navy ships, fighting off demons that got on board. Not that it'll happen until Iikka makes AirDoom... ;P
  10. I have no problem with Doom3 having a railgun as long as it gibs the player just before he pulls the trigger. SHOTGUNS DAMMIT!
  11. Cranium

    1st WAD in 6 years, I need some testers!!!

    Thanks all! Gimme over the weekend to sort out the last few obvious things and you should have the map on Monday.
  12. Cranium

    1st WAD in 6 years, I need some testers!!!

    Still 10 sectors. I wasn't gonna back down from the challenge just because I missed the deadline. ;)
  13. Hey Doomworld people. I have a map that just missed the deadline for the 10Sector.wad competition, which went to freeze frame for various reasons. It is now badly in need of some playtester luvvin' though. If you're interested in providing some feedback & make this thing shine for release, reply or contact me at sverreak@hotmail.com. Be warned, the map is el massivo. Afterglow, you out there mate? :D Sverre Kvernmo World Designer Anarchy Online
  14. Cranium

    Paul Jaquays Leaves id

    Oh, and Paul's "city" maps for Quake 2 were my favorites in the game. Remember the ones with the red carpet running up the stairs everywhere... Great atmosphere!
  15. Cranium

    Paul Jaquays Leaves id

    &gt;&gt;I assume it was a joke, but you could still spell the name right.&lt;&lt; Uh? Where's the joke? Sandy works at Ensemble (at least last time I checked) and his last name is "Petersen". Good luck to Jaquays though! He may not score high on the Doom nostalgia factor, but he sure knows how to paint a Dragon. Anybody see the Dragon Mountain module for D&D that he did? Goo... (98.3% done...)