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  1. k994

    New level: Kappa Base

    lmao!! look at this guys homepage. the download link is http://www.macalester.edu/~jwantland/kappa.zip but i got bored and went to http://www.macalester.edu/~jwantland/ hahaha! hes a wannabe girl!!!!!!!!
  2. k994


    can i make new weapon/character skins but keep the same files and stats for the guns (eg make a chaingun look like an m4 but still have the same power as a chaingun)
  3. k994


    nvm i fixed it.. the type needed to be 3. thanks anyways
  4. k994


    ok, so i add a new entry and set it as type 3 (map). But when i go into doombuilder to edit the maps they dont show up. ?????
  5. k994


  6. k994

    still door problems

    i know how to like 'make' them but i dont know how to add them to my wad file
  7. k994


    can i make textures and sprites with like 'Paint'? if so how do i upload them to my wad?
  8. k994

    still door problems

    ok so im still having problems with my doors, and i want to know how (if possible) to make my own textures and sprites
  9. k994


    so what? i was just wondering. do they have a website??
  10. k994


    does doom2 have any clans that still play? or did it even ever have any clans? If you have one send me the link.
  11. k994

    wtf!? [door problem]

    uhhhh.....what does that mean?
  12. k994

    wtf!? [door problem]

    ok, so i add in a door to my map, and then i set the linedef action to Door (29) but then when i open it, its like im in no clipping mode, everything gets choppy and i cant walk through. WTF!? how do i fix this??
  13. k994

    need spriters

    hahaha dude dont play that, the only reason its on my site is because i was going to a friends house to work on it and i didnt have any blank discs. If you want to play the reala beta heres the direct link to the wad file: http://angel.msdwt.k12.in.us/AngelUploads/Files/kennis2954/me%20stuff/netheads.wad
  14. k994


    can someone please define prefab please? thanks.
  15. k994

    need spriters

    i have map downloads and a website already made i just figured that no one would want to see them BECAUSE you see so much crap like that. But if you wanna see them everything is at k994gamerworld.tk