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  1. Would you say that the origin of most acadamia came from people who were high? seriously, who would actually take time to diagram a sentence or develop the quadratic formula.... considering that most of these theories and structures were developed in olden days, when things like MJ were legal and were not questioned, anyways, any thoughts?
  2. F8al 4ce

    How do you unwind?

    A good round of Resident Evil 4 is always satisfying, Drawing, and C-Strike, 747 and Italy maps of course.
  3. Just for a brain teaser, why are there barrels of toxic waste just lying around, not covered or concealed, who brought them there, what are they composed of? (elementally). or are their contents even present in the periodic table of elements?
  4. F8al 4ce

    Capitalization Poll

    lol, my shift key is sometimes taped down for doom multiplayer...........
  5. F8al 4ce

    Deadliest Creature

    Lol, just believe damnit!
  6. F8al 4ce

    Deadliest Creature

    If all living creatures were the size of a human, which do you think would be the deadliest? (Note, this means what one creature by itself would be the deadliest, not their strength in numbers.) I always considered it to be some insect, considering that they generally have incredible strength (given their size) fast reflexes, and generally a strong exoskeleton. I would have to narrow it down to a mantis, stag beetle, or possibly a crustacean, such as a crab or lobster. Anyways, any thoughts?
  7. F8al 4ce

    Back with a Vengence?

    Vengeance is like ice cream, best served cold, if left outside and alone too long it melts and loses satisfaction value. The old saying that everyone will get what’s coming to them is true, but it doesn’t hurt to speed up the process. I suppose the timing to which vengeance is served and the way it is served all depends upon the degree to which you were offended…..
  8. F8al 4ce

    Top 3/Bottom 3

    The Good probably my favorite thing about Doom 2 is the shotgun SSG switch trick, in which if you hold down “fire” and constantly switch between the two, you don’t suffer reload delay between shots. The BFG and the strange fact that on doom 1, it only hits things you are looking at. IT IS ORIGINAL, it is not a clone or blatant rip-off, like you see so much of these days The Bad Not enough people appreciate it Is allergic to windows XP (however Zdaemon solves this) Doom 2 was slightly less than its parent game
  9. F8al 4ce

    Interesting.... ["Starting a Game Company"]

    Sorry for responding late and therefore, thread bumping, but I had to say that’s a lot of input, thanks guys for all the useful tips and links. J My condolences for being rather vague on the issue. My friends and I have actually been doing this for say……five years now, just putting crap together. As for planning, our goal is an MMO, currently we are making a simple first person/third person adventure called Black Wind, in which you play as a Anubis (casting leprosy as a spell has always been a fascinating concept to me) who comes to the earthly realm to basically wreak havoc on mortal life. Anywayses we are mainly focused on replay value and depth, (i.e. leveling up, combining spells to make new ones, random enemy placement, etc.). We would like to copyright our hopefully soon to be company name “Meatloaf Software” (the logo is a meatloaf, cooked medium rare with an arm coming out of it sticking itself with a fork.) As for mods, that would seem like a reasonable step, perhaps some half life mods, or even doom mods.) anyways, I just wanted to say thanks a lot for the info and links, really good stuff. P.S. I noticed there was a fanart section on doomworld, I am the senior animator/artist, and I was wondering, do you guys host art directly? Or from a source such as deviantart? I would like to contribute.
  10. Yes, I know it is of the most shunned of taboo for a n00b to post a new thread, but this was a fairly interesting web page, and since myself and a few of my friends have assembled a small theoretical software company, we’ve been working on our first game (an MMO of course, they usually last a long time due to constant updates,) just wondering what you guys thought about this page, does it sound credible? http://www.bookofhook.com/Article/GameDevelopment/StartingaGameCompany.html
  11. F8al 4ce

    Best doom2 level?

    Personally, I was fond of the Spirit World, it had good textures and environment effects, a fairly large level, plus, playing it for the first time on UV, killing myself so I could begin anew with a pistol (ever notice how you never need to put a clip in that thing?) I developed a slight case of carpal tunnel.