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  1. President_Evil

    Daedalus Help & Hints thread

    Hey, hate to bump a 2-months-killed thread, but how do I get back into the trash bay? I need to go there to get a command code but I can't get back through the big doors in engineering.
  2. President_Evil

    Some help with friendly monsters.

    Great. Now instead of fighting back they just stand there and get killed. Is there anything else I can do? EDIT: TO clarify, the marines will stand in their buddies line of fire and just let themselves get machinegunned to death.
  3. President_Evil

    Some help with friendly monsters.

    I've been trying to create a scenario where a group of Space Marines face off against a demon mob. I'm using ZDoom and Thing_Hate, but the Marines are mostly using chainguns and shotguns, and they often hit their buddies, which starts infighting amongst their ranks. Is there a tag I can use that will disable ALL monster infighting for monsters that have that tag?
  4. President_Evil

    Pillar revolving around a pillar?

    I think I understand how subsectors work. I'm going to try ReX's method tonight, as soon as I'm done taking care of something IRL. In the meantime, I have a second problem. I started work on a munitions factory level, and one section has a bunch of rockets spawned on a conveyor belt, as actors, with no speed whatsoever, so that they are carried along the conveyor. I tested it, and the player cannot get close to the rockets without dying horribly. Is there a way around this?
  5. President_Evil

    Pillar revolving around a pillar?

    I'm creating a tech base level, and one of the things I want to create is a revolving shaft, with two smaller revolving shafts on either side that will circle around it. I realize that I'm pretty much boned unless I use zDoom's polyobjs, but regardless of what I try I can't get the two satellite pillars to spin around the main one. How do I have to lay this out? Is it even possible with the limits of polyobjs?