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  1. corpse

    Review question

    I´ve gotta question 4 ya´.... How do I get my map reviewed in Doomworld?I just wanna know ,cause im building up first the 7 level demo and later the full wad with 10 maps.... Help!
  2. corpse

    Ghost Busters 2

    I tested it WITH LEGACY AND ZDOOM!!! Incredible, but true, somehow... it works. I looked into the scripts but they are not viewable in Legacy etc... Well.... it works
  3. corpse

    Help with new project

    greetings!!! Nice to your wad... Im the one who gave you the sprites for the weapons and the monsters. Good lookin!! Thats a good work.... Can you take more screens???
  4. corpse

    Ghost Busters 2

    You can use Legacy or Zdoom too. How do you do that is compatible with all these ports????
  5. corpse

    Earth Special Forces Mod

    IN FLAMES RULEZZZ!!!!! That was the Jester Race from In Flames My favourite Band!!!!
  6. corpse

    Ghost Busters 2

    Heyy.... Did somebody has looked at the ghost busters 2 homepage???? Well ... do it. They have made a nice work.. I just ssay download it: http://www.doomworld.com/gbd2/index2.htm
  7. corpse

    Updated screens: Total Control

    Nice work.... Looks amazing!!!! GREETZZzzz
  8. corpse

    Death Tormention 3 Progress

    Weao... Nice lightning!!!!
  9. corpse

    here they are. screenshots

    For me it looks like the hexen II map in the demo version.