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  1. TheLazenby

    Condense the IWADs into an episode

    Have M6 and M7 be Go 4 It and Have @ It, just to switch things up. :-P
  2. TheLazenby

    Things about Doom you just found out

    Oh, okay. It's in level 3 (Land Of Forgotten Toys) - you need to go through the first couple rooms of Hangar to find the yellow key. The best touch is that, in this area, the music switches to the E1M1 music, remixed to include a bunch of Doom sound effects.
  3. TheLazenby

    Things about Doom you just found out

    Wait, where in "Nuclear Winter" is an E1M1 recreation? I don't remember that...
  4. TheLazenby

    Key progression

    You reminded me of a great frustration of my childhood... SNES Toxin Refinery. The big secret area towards the end, I believe it requires the yellow key? There's that outdoor ledge which, in most versions, is surrounded by a sort of lattice grating. The SNES version, on the other hand, seems to have an invisible force field - with "red key door" trim. Do you KNOW how long I hunted for a red key to turn that damn force field off, when I was, like, ten? XD
  5. In the original post, a few levels (mainly, the boss levels and Doom II's secret levels) were marked as possible omissions from the final game. And in the pre-beta, the boss levels ARE missing - though rather impressive versions of Doom II's secret levels are intact.
  6. Incidentally, what's the reason for a couple Final Doom levels possibly not being included? (As mentioned in the initial post.) Too hard, too shitty, or...?
  7. TheLazenby

    Doom 2 was a terrible game

    I can't remember a whole lot about E3M4, but the only level in Episode 3 that pisses me off is Limbo. The whole running here to there on hazardous floors, trying to find rad suits. It just feels out of place in the game. I don't even mind Unholy Cathedral and its damn teleporters.
  8. TheLazenby

    Doom 2 was a terrible game

  9. TheLazenby

    Favourite port [console version] of Doom?

    Okay, I can officially say (while SNES is nice for nostalgia), I've fallen in love with the PSX version. Bobby's music may be iconic - but Aubrey's ambient sounds are EXACTLY what this game needed. The PSX version is the only version of the original game I've played where the mood is *perfect*.
  10. TheLazenby

    Doom 2 was a terrible game

    I almost never play Doom II. The closest I've come was playing through PSX Doom and having to put up with some of Doom II's shitty levels. What gets me is that it was a HUGE seller; didn't anyone start it and realize "Oh, this is the same game"? It's Doom with all of Doom's great traits done fairly poorly.
  11. I'm curious.... I'd like to go full-'Doom 64', and play PSX Doom with the N64 HUD and sprites (where possible; obviously I know not all monsters were done). Are there any mods I can use to accomplish this?
  12. Yeah, map 17 won't load at all for me. I have to say though, I LOVE The Castle. It's clever in that it's almost unrecognizable as Wolfenstein (unless you know the layout of that level well), and has an amazingly Doom 64-ish vibe to it.
  13. TheLazenby

    The Doom Confessional Booth

    1 CD-Rom's capacity > 25 floppies' capacity Logic fail. :-P
  14. Thanks! Can't wait until this is done. I spent a couple weeks of late nights after work playing through the first 80-something levels, then breathing a sigh of relief that the trek was finally over... then you people through another 70-something levels at me. I can't wait. :-D
  15. I WAS trying to figure that out - what's the console command to skip to LOST levels?