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  1. Texas Libra

    The /newstuff Chronicles #396

    Is this a "reupload edition" of /newstuff? I remember playing the Sirens and Missions wads about 10-11 years ago when I was still in high school...
  2. Texas Libra

    Doom Is 17 and Still Sexy!

    DOOM is 17, the legal age of consent in my state, heh.
  3. Texas Libra

    E1M1 Contol tower: anomalous texture?

    I'm so nerdy I had to check it as soon as I read this since my ZDL was already open on my computer and I launched a quick new game, heh.
  4. I personally never heard anything by them until I saw them open for KMFDM last year in Austin. When I heard them I was like, "Fuck! I need to listen to more of this shit!"
  5. Texas Libra

    50 Upcoming Movie Remakes

    The new Star Trek? Granted that created an alternate timeline.
  6. Texas Libra

    50 Upcoming Movie Remakes

    The kittehs alone are worth it.
  7. Texas Libra

    D00M movie fans

    Seconded. Dude, that's a pretty good Star Trek fan site, you blasphemer you :P
  8. Texas Libra

    Rare find: Alternate Doom box art by Don Ivan Punchatz!

    In that blogpost: ROBOCOP FTW!
  9. Texas Libra

    How to install and set up Timidity++ driver

    Hmmm, I'm using Win 7 Enterprise 64-bit, followed the instructions for installing the control panel applet and it still won't show up. Help?
  10. Texas Libra

    Iphone 4 Antennagate

    With this i(diot)Phone mania going around I half-expect people to start starting at, pointing their fingers at and screaming at those who don't own one a-la Invasion of the Body Snatchers.
  11. Texas Libra

    They are making a movie about... facebook?

    To whet your appetite until then.
  12. Texas Libra

    Warning: hackers might use your blender against you!

    An article like this was just asking for this kind of response...
  13. Texas Libra

    Penn & Teller: War on Porn

    About the plots in porn films in the US: Two words y'all: OBSCENITY LAWS. EDIT: And as a pornoholic, I alone am proof of what P&T are getting at.
  14. Texas Libra

    Vuvuzela Doom Weapon

    At the point you go back to the armor room and kill all the remaining monsters and still blow the vuvuzela, I was like, "OK, you can stop now, they're all DEAD!" Heh, the only video site I haven't really seen this on yet is SV...
  15. Texas Libra

    Rage Gameplay with Willits at E3 '10

    My only complaint is... WHY DID YOU SHAVE YOUR MUSTACHE TIM???????
  16. Texas Libra

    Tornado watches all over the North East USA

    First the oil gusher in the gulf, and now this. Just further proof that the USA has met it's time.
  17. Texas Libra

    PM spam?

    I have PMs tuned off, so no.
  18. Texas Libra

    Doomworld Metal Thread (surely Doomers enjoy metal)

    After looking at the title of this thread, I can't help but compare it to an assumption such as all Germans must be Nazis. It IS possible for those who enjoy a violent game focused on killing demons to not like screaming, howling, growling random dissonant noise people have the nerve to call "music", ya know. EDIT: In short, to me it's the other end of the spectrum from rap. Anybody can grab a pair of drumsticks and randomly start banging on a drumset with anger, crank up an amplifier to a deafening level and strum up and down on an electric guitar, and growl into a microphone, all without any melody or rhythm. Makes you wonder if these "musicians" have any actual musical training at all.
  19. Texas Libra

    Nightmare on Elm Street remake.

    "Coming up, Pongo's review of Rocky 5...THOUSAND!"
  20. Texas Libra

    The beginning of the end of bitTorrent

    Well, I guess it' back to using search engines to find free porn for me. Seriously, is this linked to using any kind of Torrent file period or only using specific Torrent programs? I neither use BitTorrent itself nor Tor, the program mentioned in the article. Even then, I mainly use it for legal things anyway such as game patches and non-copyrighted stuff like the OC Remix pack that was linked here a couple of years ago.
  21. Texas Libra

    The KFC Double Down - God bless America

    For fuck's sake, the entire sandwich is no bigger than your fist.
  22. Texas Libra

    Oklahoma to pass new anti-abortion law.

    Not for me considering I live in one of those states (Texas) that will join them, and I'm not even close to being ready to escape before that happens.
  23. Texas Libra

    The KFC Double Down - God bless America

    I had one a few hours ago. I'm still here. EDIT: You bunch of commie hippies :P
  24. Texas Libra


    After taking a look at that third link, I'm wondering if that group is some kind of joke.