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  1. F0dd3r

    Spawning Monsters in MP

    right, i was up last night, way too late for my own good and Acutun was running a server. He figured out how to spawn monsters in MP only problem was other ppl playing couldnt see them. It was on Acutuns Server. We tried spec to see them and switching back but to no avail. does anyone have this figured out, it would be a nice addition to the world of MP. Thanks. Fodder
  2. F0dd3r


    Well all i got to say is UAC doesnt just come for a clean up, you dont loose that much money and walk away with an explination, oh its just hell. Think about the sociological effects on the religious, we opened a gate to hell, well heavent cant be far off ( you can make it worse) and is there a god? or are they just more advanced?
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