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    Stuck in the Terrain on Monorail

    Hi. Wondering if someone can help me out with a "show stopper" problem I'm having with RoE. I hope I'm posting in the right location. Figured I was since I didn't see an RoE section. Anyhow, I just finished killing a huge mini-boss at the monorail station on Erubus, I boarded the train and clicked on the console to get the train moving. This is where it gets weird. The train starts moving but I noticed the door doesn't open for the train to exit the station. No worries! The train can go through the door! Unfortunately, I can't so I get sandwiched between the outside door and the rear of the train. I can hear the sound continue on as if the train is travelling to the next section but I remain sandwiched. I thought that maybe I can just wait it out and hopefully the game will progress without the train animation but after sitting there for 10-15 minutes I figured it ain't gonna happen. Here is a screenshot. So if anyone has seen this issue or can direct me somewhere else for a solution I would really appreciate it. Thanks Rich BTW - The game and video drivers are patched and this is the first issue I've encountered with the game (other than this, I love the game). Specs Gigabyte K8VNXP MB AMD Athlon 64 3200 1.5 GB RAM ATI Radeon 9800XT 256MB