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  1. The demo will be out soon.
  2. Really? He needs me for Doom III because it will require skills that you do not have. Sorry bro, but some things do come as a shock. Now, I am through with the bitching and whining you are feeding me every second which is the reason I havn't left yet because everytime I post something you got a message waiting for me when the site refreshes with my comment. TIME TO GET BACK TO ACTUAL FORUMS!
  3. Hmm, I wonder what will happen when Planet Doom opens. Do you guys think it will get more business? I guess all the new kids will out populate us.
  4. You are right about one thing, why am I trying to tell you guys these things? It isn't like your going to listen either way so I might as well stop while I'm ahead. There are too many people that are self-centered. Ok, back to the actual forums.
  5. Your the one saying "whatever". Damn, you must be incoherent.
  6. Even thoe TheRequiem is a genius, but I won't tell anyone you said that. LOL
  7. I'm sure he meant "The Mayor" but his account was halted because you morons can't take the pressure of him being right. I guess it's just me, but please, stfu.
  8. ROFL And you are proposing you are the better man? Hah Your grammar is worse, plus, what is wrong with his grammar?
  9. Fredrik, you can ignore me all you want but the truth is; I am right.
  10. Also, I don't need any of the original designers there are plenty of new talented level designers out there (As you can see there are already people who will design levels). This is not going to be a big thing anyways but rather a Mega Wad Sequel that will be worked out in chats or forums. It probably wont even have a web page unless I can work out something with my team. You can either join or leave me alone and stop giving me problems because it's not worth it to you or me.
  11. I went into the readme of the old Requiem and sent e-mails off you wise bitch. Then I proceeded to e-mail everyone and got 3 replies that said I had permission (I have no idea who, it was a few months ago) but I had 17 user unknowns or something returned. I'll do it anyways with or without your permission because I don't like you and you can't do shit about it and if you try, I will degrade your wasteful life. Fredrik, the Oblivion HQ team is currently doing a bunch of Unreal work that I am unfamiliar with. That is probably why I am here in the Doom community and I doubt TheRequiem wants any part of this since he’s obsessed with some other shit. May I ask where you got 40 members from? We have about 8 or 9 really dedicated members so get it right before you talk because you just made an ass out of yourself.
  12. This is why your not very smart. When I said "events", that meant the levels had no major background and that they were basically just levels.
  13. Right on, I figure if I can get ten people to design a level or two using some new textures that resemble the old Requiems and/ or even some of the old Requiems we could probably spit this thing out within 3 months or so and have one helluva sequel. Although, I doubt I will get many more. However, if I do not get a few more people here and there I will post this in the General section to get a little more attention or even send in some news on it. I'm sure they'd post something about it; the old Mega Wad is a legend. I'll leak this out to a few places and I can almost guarantee it would take off within a month or two.
  14. I'm going to be honest in this matter, but none of these wads pertained to any major 'event' or any 'event' at all. They therefore do not appeal to me.
  15. I saw the movie last night... I was holding onto my girlfriend because it scared the shit out of me. I think you all should check it out.