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  1. FredEric

    Error numba 9

    and not only that the whole configuration gets blown out with a BFG too so you'll have to reconfigure that too. Hounestly, no one in here who have had this too and have fixed it? Or someone who knows a way to fix it?
  2. FredEric

    Error numba 9

    ok... so i guess i DO have a very unique problem. I randomly have it when trying to load the linedef textures library. Owell, we always have zdoom in hexen form to play with .
  3. FredEric

    Error numba 9

    Just started using DB. I get a "Run-time Error '9' Subscript out of range" message whenever i'm trying to load Hexen flats (and only with hexen). Linedef textures work fine. Does anyone know the cause and/or solution to this error, or am i having one of those 'unique malfunctions' again. Thanks EDIT: Loading the main IWAD of Hexen, and a random map, works fine in terms of searching through the flats. But when making a new file... ..........