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  1. DooMknight

    covers (outdated)

    I like the design, think it could be good to add part of the credits, something like the name of the author or authors, the info section with the story and compatible ports and some screenshots of the included maps. Replicating somehow the back of the 90's videogames CD cases:
  2. DooMknight

    Doom Neural Upscale 2X [v 1.0]

    hey mates, good work with the SS soldier facelift! Now he's happy and hopeful
  3. DooMknight

    UAC Invasion: The Supply Depot

    Thank you for reminding me! This last month I've been very busy and I'd completely forgotten to upload the updated map to /idgames. The reason why I didn't update it is because although the changes are not very drastic I preferred to know if there was a bug in this version, I've tried it a bit and it seems to work. If someone has played this latest version and found a problem, please let me know. In any case, I will upload the updated version right now Edit: The file is already updated in the /idgames archive By the way @Mere_Duke , download the file again because this version is more up to date than the one was in google drive. All the repositories are already updated with the last, and if there is no problem, it will be the definitive version.
  4. DooMknight

    The amazing "identify that Doom song" thread.

    It's an unused track from a 1995 game called Mission Critical. This game has some great tunes for custom maps! Here is the full midi soundtrack: http://www.mirsoft.info/wogm_download.php?data=YTozOntpOjA7czo0OiIyMTU4IjtpOjE7aToxNTQ3NTAyNjgwO2k6MjtpOjM7fQ== The song that you mention is the one called MC20.mid
  5. DooMknight

    Best Use of Stock Textures

    Oops that's true!! I didn't realize that I left the smooth doom mod in the gzdoom ini, in any case, the map is in /idgames in case you want to check it
  6. DooMknight

    Best Use of Stock Textures

    Nice vehicle! It remembered me the sector vehicles that I did for a map in 2013, Of course this is a vanilla map that only used stock textures
  7. DooMknight

    UAC Invasion: The Supply Depot

    After the last gzdoom update I noticed the rendering mode of the engine has changed, so some sectors looked very bad. I've updated the map fixing those sectors, and also some more, here is the changelog: Fixed many sectors that didn't show correctly in the latest GZDoom version. Added 3 new secrets, some previously easily accessible objects and powerups have moved to these secrets. Added more detail to some areas that were desertic or too empty. Fixed some misaligned textures. The Pustule speed has doubled, before it was a derisory enemy. Few minor fixes. Download https://drive.google.com/open?id=1IwkDTCv02omDynOThit4JQCNkm10nrSQ (same link in the first post) Here are some screens of some of the changes:
  8. DooMknight

    Mappers' first world problems

    Haha nice thread, I put some more: When you reach the limit of 65536 linedefs and you have to remove detail from a vanilla map to continue mapping When you spend hours introducing new enemies and weapons to realize later that they break the gameplay of the map When you upload your ultra-tested map to /idgames and after a while you receive messages about the map having errors When doombuilder closes with an error and there is no copy of the work When a release of new gzdoom version breaks or mess up your previous maps (It just happened to me with the supply depot)
  9. DooMknight

    UAC Invasion: The Supply Depot

    Hi Dst, what is your config? I can play the map with project brutality without problems, in some areas the fps can drop to 40-50 but is playable. My pc has a i7-6700K and a GTX 1070g1 with 16gb of ram
  10. DooMknight

    UAC Invasion: The Supply Depot

    Ok, I've uploaded an updated version with the errors that all you've mentioned fixed. It's already in /idgames and the google drive link on the first post. Here is the changelog: Added some crates (not much) in the southest outdoor area to give the player a chance to take cover. Corrected the secrets counter, now the map has 22. Thanks @NovaRain Fixed some sector that didn't rise and could leave the player trapped.Thanks @Firedust Also fixed the 3 cacos that didn't appear correctly in the final area. Some other minor tweaks.
  11. DooMknight

    UAC Invasion: The Supply Depot

    Thank you very much!!! I'm glad that you also liked the map, and you enjoyed it from beginning to end. I will keep an eye on the bugs that you mention, I'm receiving a lot of feedback, and and sincerely, I see some things escaped me... Maybe it is the problem of making such a big map, it is easy to forget things... Luckily, most are small bugs that I hope will not break the gameplay
  12. DooMknight

    Cacowards 2018 - 25 Years of Doom

    Thanks to all the Cacowards crew and all Doom fans that for so many years continue to maintain this fantastic community! Has been a pleasant surprise for me to see my map in the cacowards. When I started mapping I never imagined that one day I would receive so prestigious award. With the comments that the community had previously made on my map I already felt enormously rewarded for the effort it took me to do it. But after seeing it here, in this cacowards, surrounded by incredible maps and mods that have also been awarded (my big congratulations to all), I think it is the minimum that I can contribute to this great community and it encourages me to continue working on this great game, that although turns 25, continues to enjoy great health! I also want to thank the people who helped me with the beta testing, they made this possible Finally, I wanted to thank the Cacoward members for select my work and especially @Major Arlene, who wrote such a good review on the map. Really, thank you very much!!!
  13. DooMknight

    UAC Invasion: The Supply Depot

    I've seen the video of the playtrough and I loved it, I've laughed a lot when you curse the afrits, it's true that they go fast, but the areas where they appear are big and open. I have seen that you have enjoyed the map and that is what is important, that it is a dynamic experience even if it is such a long map. I appreciate your gameplay and your comments! PD: It's true that the name of the map is quite generic, but I'm not very good at putting cool names on maps. Next time we'll have more in mind, because there may be people who think it's another boring base map...
  14. DooMknight


    Wow! It looks awesome. Those contrasts are amazing
  15. DooMknight

    UAC Invasion: The Supply Depot

    Actually that secret is marked when you press the switch, I didn't notice that there was another sector marked at the beginning of the toxic flow gate. Well, fortunately it's a small mistake, in total there are 22 secrets not 23...