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  1. OK, first of all I'd like to point out the "correction" BBG made to my statement about Railgunner's e-mails in my previous blog post. Ling first made the Losers forum and made it the only forum Railgunner could see. Railgunner started bugging BBG over AIM. On IRC, Ling tells BBG to fuck with Railgunner. Then Ling proceeds to change the front page for Railgunner. Darknation and fraggle pretend to get hacked by Ralphis. Everyone tells Railgunner Ralphis has hacked Doomworld and other choice individuals. For BBG's version of the story, consult his blog.

    Anyways, on to a little more retardedness, some stuff that I glossed over while writing the previous post. A reminder, this is the sort of stuff you should not e-mail the Doomworld staff about.

    Example 14: Pointless

    From: "Tequila"
    Subject: Vietnam doom2 and metroid doom2
    Date: Thu, 5 Jun 2003 12:24:08 -0600

    I Think it would be a great idea to make a vietnam doom 2 and a metroid doom2. well the problem is i really dont know how to make wads... so a shoutout to all of you expert wad makers, it would be xtra nice if the maker of wolfendoom could look into this. Thanx


    Hmm. I don't think a Vietnam Doom 2 conversion would be such a great idea, but that's just me. And Metroid Doom is already being made. Did this person really expect someone to post this on Doomworld news?

    Moving right along...

    Date: Thu, 29 May 2003 17:40:8 +1200
    From: "Sam Prebble"
    To: "news@doomworld.com"
    Subject: News - I am a 13 year old Wad`a`holic.

    Hello Doom World.
    I have been making Doom wads since I was 10. I started making single player wads, then ones with new graphics (Made with Wintex) and now I do Single and Multiplayer maps. I used to make wads for one of my friends called Bob Larken. I was wondering if you would be intrested in seeing some of my Deathmach, Capture the Flag or Mission maps.
    Hope to hear from you soon
    Bright :D

    PS: I love your site. I have knowen it for years..


    It's Bob Larkin. And this is the sort of thing to post on the forums (maybe), not send to the staff.

    And some more...

    To: news@doomworld.com
    Date: Mon, 03 Mar 2003 04:58:18 -0500
    From: "Lord Frieza"
    Cc: news@doomcenter.com
    Subject: Linux Update

    Dear Webmaster.

    I have news that I have uploaded the Linux Pocketbook Advanced edition Ebook to my website. This is a 4.5MB repository of Great Linux Information that is well worth the download.

    Go get it here:


    My website is at:



    John Cartwright


    Hmm. Last I checked, we were a Doom site. Not a Linux site.

    Example 15: You Gotta Be Shitting Me!

    From: "The Wellmans"
    Subject: Yo, This is Electro off of Mamtech
    Date: Wed, 7 May 2003 22:44:15 -0700

    Electro's Mission Demo has been released!


    The demo is for doom2 and it replaces maps 01-03... this is a taste of what more is to come... also, it may seem easy at first but it will get worst!

    Well, in a good way :)


    Wow. Just, wow. If you don't know what I'm trying to say, just take a look at that page. Take a look at the screenshots. I mean, come on.

    An extreme case...

    From: "sostaric"
    Subject: Honing maps
    Date: Wed, 4 Jun 2003 06:46:55 +1200

    Hi, I have made a map pack of 10 WADS using Slige, Could you please post them on your site or something?
    It's a small file, only 1mb! If you can, please e-mail me at DooM_Maniac@hotmail.com



    Oh. My. God. You thought Woolie Wool was bad? Then take a look at that. He actually SENT those maps to me as attatchments. Needless to say, I was not pleased.

    And so, thus ends our exploration of pointless e-mails. Let this and the previous post be your guide.

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      http://www.doomworld.com/ralphis was created by me. I'm proud of my only contribution to this site, and I think that proper tribute should be paid to my greatness.

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      heh finally I understand that story

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