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  1. Session Start (MSN - Bill:ooisteven@hotmail.com): Mon Jan 26 20:00:39 2004
    [20:00:39] §?ê???: hi
    [20:01:10] Bill: who are you and why are you messaging me
    [20:01:24] §?ê???: steven
    [20:01:36] Bill: now tell me something i don't know
    [20:01:43] §?ê???: what
    [20:01:51] Bill: why are you messaging me
    [20:02:07] §?ê???: because
    [20:02:11] §?ê???: what is ur name
    [20:02:19] Bill: i'm sorry, incorrect answer
    [20:02:32] §?ê???: fuk u bill u retard
    [20:02:44] Bill: ah you figured out my name without me even saying it!
    [20:02:59] §?ê???: thx
    [20:03:00] Bill: as if it wasn't obvious
    [20:03:16] Bill: now do you have a purpose in talking to me other than idle chit-chat?
    [20:03:27] Bill: with someone you don't even know to boot
    [20:03:28] §?ê???: yesa\
    [20:04:22] Bill: well, what is it?
    [20:04:58] §?ê???: because i like to chat andi don't now who u r so i want to no
    [20:05:28] Bill: sorry, i don't like talking to people who i don't know otherwise
    [20:05:37] §?ê???: do u play d2
    [20:05:41] §?ê???: lod
    [20:05:43] Bill: diablo2? no
    [20:05:50] Bill: you probably have me confused with someone else
    [20:05:59] §?ê???: no i don't bill
    [20:06:12] §?ê???: u r something like 15
    [20:06:16] Bill: no
    [20:06:21] §?ê???: 16, 14
    [20:06:24] §?ê???: 18
    [20:06:24] Bill: no
    [20:06:24] §?ê???: 17
    [20:06:35] §?ê???: u r in ur teens
    [20:06:43] Bill: what is your point
    [20:07:00] §?ê???: my point is that i no u
    [20:07:05] Bill: no you do not
    [20:07:32] §?ê???: yes
    [20:07:33] §?ê???: 'do
    [20:07:34] Bill: no
    [20:07:49] §?ê???: i used to tlak to u all the time
    [20:07:54] Bill: who are you
    [20:08:00] §?ê???: steven
    [20:08:07] Bill: i know a few stevens
    [20:08:11] Bill: you'll have to be more specific
    [20:08:35] §?ê???: stven ur frenf
    [20:08:41] Bill: more specific
    [20:08:49] §?ê???: sreven
    [20:09:05] §?ê???: ok i not ur freind
    [20:09:18] §?ê???: i just like to make freinds on msn
    [20:09:27] Bill: maybe you should try real life
    [20:09:52] §?ê???: but u don't like talking other then ur self because u r a loner
    [20:10:05] Bill: i talk to plenty of people, don't jump to conclusions
    [20:10:21] §?ê???: like who
    [20:10:25] §?ê???: urself
    [20:10:40] Bill: don't make me laugh
    [20:11:06] §?ê???: ok
    [20:12:33] §?ê???: r u talking to enigma_pyromaniac

    [20:12:38] Bill: sorry no
    [20:12:55] §?ê???: me?
    [20:13:56] §?ê???: ????
    [20:13:59] §?ê???: retaerd
    [20:14:04] Bill: what
    [20:14:16] §?ê???: r u going to talking to me
    [20:14:21] Bill: i invented pretzels
    [20:14:31] §?ê???: did u
    [20:14:35] §?ê???: ?
    [20:14:37] Bill: now letus enjoy this picture of marlon brando
    [20:14:45] Bill: look out! i'm charles bronson!
    [20:14:57] Bill: please douse me with your dousing liquid
    [20:15:06] §?ê???: umm ........................no ur not
    [20:15:30] §?ê???: 0.0.
    [20:15:40] Bill: LASERS!
    [20:15:44] §?ê???: so t u going to talk to me
    [20:15:46] Bill: I am the president.
    [20:15:47] §?ê???: r
    [20:15:56] §?ê???: no ur not
    [20:15:56] Bill: You are an evil genius.
    [20:16:08] Bill: Your lack of pants disturbs me.
    [20:16:11] §?ê???: wtf r u talking about
    [20:16:34] Bill: I might win the nobel prize for hungry hungry hippos
    [20:16:43] §?ê???: what ever
    [20:16:50] §?ê???: u r veery weird
    [20:17:14] Bill: thank you! i will be sure to tell my brother in law
    [20:17:24] §?ê???: ok'
    [20:17:25] Bill: he's the attorney general you know
    [20:17:32] §?ê???: what ever
    [20:17:36] Bill: he'll get the BATF on your ass
    [20:17:44] Bill: for illegally messaging the relative of a government agent
    [20:18:27] Bill: are you prepared to spend the rest of your life in federal prison!??
    [20:19:13] Bill: ohh...ignoring me eh? that's even worse!
    [20:19:13] *** One or more messages may have been undeliverable. Try closing and reopening this window.
    [20:19:27] Bill: fuck it
    [20:19:27] *** One or more messages may have been undeliverable. Try closing and reopening this window.
    [20:19:29] *** Your block of ooisteven@hotmail.com will not take affect for this conversation.
    Session Close (ooisteven@hotmail.com): Mon Jan 26 20:19:42 2004

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    2. Scuba Steve

      Scuba Steve

      Julian said:

      I sense a new trend coming.

      The Doomworld Admin says: Stop spamming, !

    3. lupinx_resurrected


      bloodshedder is doing exactly what the blogs are meant for.
      so all hail and praise{or something like that}

    4. Sharessa