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  1. The following is a log of events that happened yesterday evening.

    Session Start (MSN - Bill:cammy_lee69@hotmail.com): Wed Sep 15 17:53:21 2004
    [17:53:21] Skanky Lee: hey baby
    [17:53:30] Skanky Lee: where you from
    [17:53:40] Bill: who wants to know
    [17:53:48] Skanky Lee: me cammy lee
    [17:53:53] Skanky Lee: ;)
    [17:54:05] Bill: can you be more specific
    [17:54:21] Skanky Lee: cammy lee from idaho
    [17:54:46] Bill: am i supposed to know you or do you just go around randomly messaging people
    [17:55:01] Skanky Lee: randomly messaging people
    [17:55:04] Skanky Lee: lool
    [17:55:07] Skanky Lee: lol*

    If you thought that was bad...

    [17:57:04] Skanky Lee: so baby you gonna talk to your womans sexy ass
    [17:57:08] Skanky Lee: ;)
    [17:57:23] Skanky Lee: :D
    [17:57:26] Skanky Lee: i luv you
    [17:57:35] Skanky Lee: i wish i could fuck u
    [17:57:45] Bill: wow you really move fast
    [17:58:08] Skanky Lee: hell yes i do wit a guy like u
    [17:58:15] Bill: considering... i don't know how old you are, where you're really from, and whether you're actually a woman or not
    [17:58:50] Skanky Lee: Im 18 From Idaho, and i have a pussy not a dick and i suck cock!
    [17:58:59] Skanky Lee: is that good enough
    [17:59:18] Bill: well sure but how am i supposed to take advantage of that if we're 3 states away from each other
    [17:59:31] Skanky Lee: Where u live?
    [17:59:46] Bill: a state that begins with "I"
    [18:00:03] Skanky Lee: i dunno tell me
    [18:00:11] Bill: you need to brush up on your US geography
    [18:00:32] Skanky Lee: lol well ya but its much easyer when ya just tell me
    [18:00:42] Bill: you mean 'easier'
    [18:00:47] Skanky Lee: ya
    [18:01:09] Bill: indiana
    [18:01:15] Skanky Lee: ooic
    [18:01:30] Skanky Lee: Well im going to buy a ticket and see ur sexy asss
    [18:01:40] Skanky Lee: is that alright wit ya?
    [18:01:44] Skanky Lee: Friday ok?
    [18:01:54] Bill: well i have to work friday
    [18:02:05] Skanky Lee: When?
    [18:02:28] Bill: all day...those people running the jail are real slave-drivers
    [18:02:37] Skanky Lee: ooic
    [18:02:55] Skanky Lee: how about Saturday?
    [18:03:09] Bill: sure, as long as you can somehow figure out my address without me telling you what it is
    [18:03:21] Skanky Lee: where y live?
    [18:03:25] Skanky Lee: ya**
    [18:03:30] Bill: ahh you're not playing along
    [18:03:55] Skanky Lee: Well shit i dont play along when i want some
    [18:04:25] Bill: you must be really desparate...and rich to afford a plane/bus ticket/whatever
    [18:04:50] Skanky Lee: plane and not desparate just want a piece of ur ass
    [18:05:02] Bill: my ass? you bringing a strap-on or something?
    [18:05:12] Skanky Lee: no
    [18:06:43] Skanky Lee: i want u to do me so hard it rips my pussy and start sheddin blood
    [18:07:03] Skanky Lee: isnt that right blood shedder??
    [18:07:19] Skanky Lee: ILL SCREAM UR NAME OOOOBILLL
    [18:07:50] Skanky Lee: ill suck you dick soo hard you will start to cumm and blow it right in my fucking mouth choking me!!!!!!!!!!
    [18:08:12] Skanky Lee: ohhh bill how big is it i really liek it big
    [18:08:18] Skanky Lee: like*
    [18:08:41] Bill: can we continue this later? i have to go to class. I'll be back in about 3 hours, and I demand pictures
    [18:09:11] Skanky Lee: ohh do you well ill email em right too you bitch
    [18:09:20] Bill: be my guest
    [18:09:23] Bill: talk to you later
    [18:09:29] Skanky Lee: \ohh skip your classes and be wit me now
    [18:09:34] Skanky Lee: plzz
    [18:09:41] Bill: no can do
    [18:09:49] Skanky Lee: my nipples are soo hard
    [18:09:51] Skanky Lee: plz
    [18:09:56] Skanky Lee: ims ooo horny
    [18:10:01] Skanky Lee: what kind a clesses?
    [18:10:03] Bill: go masturbate
    [18:10:04] Bill: goodbye
    [18:10:08] Skanky Lee: classes?
    Session Close (cammy_lee69@hotmail.com): Wed Sep 15 18:10:54 2004

    Session Start (MSN - Bill:cammy_lee69@hotmail.com): Wed Sep 15 21:12:46 2004
    [21:12:46] Joe Your an oVER AcHeiver!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!: Hey Sexy!
    [21:12:59] Bill: excuse me cammy i'm rather busy now
    [21:13:21] Joe Your an oVER AcHeiver!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!: o im sorry
    Session Close (cammy_lee69@hotmail.com): Wed Sep 15 21:13:39 2004

    I still haven't gotten any pictures. No surprise, eh?