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  1. Is this a bot or something?

    [17:38:02] ziggalur@hotmail.com: bill?
    [17:38:10] Bill: yes?
    [17:38:26] ziggalur@hotmail.com: who are you?
    [17:38:33] Bill: i should ask you that question
    [17:38:53] ziggalur@hotmail.com: kdlfgf
    [17:39:00] ziggalur@hotmail.com: where are you from?
    [17:39:21] Bill: i ask that you identify yourself first
    [17:39:38] ziggalur@hotmail.com: lkdfhsjdhfd
    [17:40:08] Bill: do you purposely initiate bizzare conversations with strangers?