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  1. This is great news - if this gets underway I might have to contribute. I've had similar thoughts but since my day job is writing code, I don't really want to commit to a programming hobby project. But if there's a new Doom Builder replacement project on the horizon, I would love to contribute something to it. I've had some ideas about non-destructive editing workflows (kind of like Photoshop layers) that I've wanted to play around with but the Doom Builder code base is a little bit crusty and I've been waffling back and forth between writing something for a Doom Builder or writing something from scratch.
  2. Volte

    Deus Vult II: First Edition Released

    Excellent. I've just finished it up to map 29, and I loved it. My only complaint about difficulty was in map 23 in the red area with the key that causes a thousand clerics to teleport in. Having played through the map once now I know how I would handle it differently, but on my first playthrough the initial shock caused me to use all my cells and then run away. By the time I managed to get around to actual crowd control with the rocket launcher, they had advanced too far to possibly hold off long enough for the doors to open again regardless of skill. I had to clip outside the area and wait for the doors to open before I could deal with them. Other than that, the maps felt well balanced (if extremely frantic) and I had a lot of fun. The arch-viles spawning in at all corners of the map at the end of map 23, was hilariously cruel. Watching the 'monsters left' counter increasing by about 40 per second was quite startling.
  3. Volte

    [released] - Scythe 2

    holy shit
  4. Volte

    Doom Replay Editor

    This is really cool. Perhaps some basic tweening features (for example, the ability to automatically complete a smooth turn in xx tics instead of those ugly sharp turns) and maybe a way to allow switching between manual and automatic (that is, actual player-controlled gameplay with the actions being logged in the list) would be excellent additions to speed up the process, if someone felt like attempting it.
  5. Volte

    C Code

    This is hilarious
  6. Volte

    Texture tutorial #1

    Textures are supposed to tile you know.
  7. Volte

    D! Zone

    I bought it back when I first got my 486 (no internet connection). I was duped by the "simulated screenshots" on the back, hoping it would provide a graphical update. Then again, I was probably about 8 years old. I remember most of the levels being crude distortions of existing levels (mostly ExM1) with changed textures and tons and tons of items added in. It was also the first time I experimented with Doom editing, with "Renegade Graphics DoomEd" or something like that.
  8. Volte

    Community Chest #2 Released

    Hooray for my name being spelled incorrectly in the textfile.
  9. Volte

    Trying to find an old WAD

    Team TNT's Persuit MAP28 has similar structures to what you describe, although MAP32 is not cramped and blue.
  10. Volte

    doom2.exe and doom95.exe problem with demos

    Doom is open source. That means the EXE and all derivitives thereof are freely distributable under the terms of the GNU Public License. Otherwise all those source ports would be illegal.
  11. Volte

    Artist needed for Scythe 2.

    kwic.com/~junior/newstb.wad Here's my submission.
  12. I started to try to make something but it started to look like a toaster. So I went with it. kwic.com/~junior/toaster.png
  13. Volte

    Does the main character in Doom 3 have a name?

    The marine's name is your name, in that you can actually enter your name (in the multiplayer options?), and that's the name that appears in your PDA. The idea is that you "are" the character, not just controlling a character like in Half-Life.
  14. Volte

    "Exquisite corpse" community WAD

    Sounds neat, I want to play.
  15. Volte

    doom3 on voodoo3 wont work grrrrrrrrrrrr

    Get a new video card.
  16. Volte

    Doom3 demo

    Of course it looks dark against a white background. Fullscreen, that's not that dark.
  17. whatnot is not a made up word nor is it misspelt. It means "Any of various additional or unspecified things or items." Moreover, seeing posts rendered nonsensical by asterisks is more annoying than seeing said misspelt or made up word. Anyway, the map looks decent. I like the use of slopes on that broken crate. It's pretty hard to tell how good it looks from that first screenshot, since it's fairly bare.
  18. Volte

    objects cast strange shadows

    Looks normal to me. The "invisible wall" is just the far wall on the other side of the room. If you were another player looking at that scene from another perspective, you'd be able to see it better. Or maybe I just can't see the image properly against a white background.
  19. Volte

    objects cast strange shadows

    -edit- Damnation, I meant to edit, not reply.
  20. Volte

    Remake episode 1 for Doom 3...

    I find it pretty pointless to just use the original textures (even remade textures). Why not either use custom graphics or remake the levels using original textures. A total conversion of the maps to Doom 3 with textures and all seems kind of pointless. Might as well just write a program to convert the WAD to MAP format and export the graphics. I'd rather play re-interpreted versions which feel like Doom 3. That said, what is there does look very good. -edit- That E1M1 link is exactly what I'm talking about. Absolutely beautiful.
  21. Volte

    Last boss

    Soul cube.
  22. Volte

    Problems with editor

    -edit- ack, nevermind
  23. Volte

    how many have beaten doom 3?

    Me (on Veteran).
  24. Volte

    WTF do you mean I can't save in this directory?!

    If it's telling you you can't save in that directory, maybe you should try saving it in a different directory.