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  1. @invictius: Take a look at the following script I wrote for C&C Renegade-style binds:// Renegade-style Binds set Ctrl 0 set Alt 0 set KeyStatus 0 archivecvar KeyStatus alias Say11 "" alias Say12 "say :>" alias Say13 "" alias Say21 "" alias Say22 "say :O" alias Say23 "" alias Say31 "" alias Say32 "say :<" alias Say33 "" alias Say41 "" alias Say42 "" alias Say43 "" alias Say51 "" alias Say52 "" alias Say53 "" alias Say61 "" alias Say62 "" alias Say63 "" alias Say71 "" alias Say72 "" alias Say73 "" alias Say81 "" alias Say82 "" alias Say83 "" alias Say91 "" alias Say92 "" alias Say93 "" alias Say01 "" alias Say02 "god" alias Say03 "" alias CheckKey "set Key %1; eval + $Ctrl $Alt KeyStatus; test > $KeyStatus 0 "SpecialSay $Key $KeyStatus" "slot $Key"" alias SpecialSay "Say%1%2" alias +Ctrl "set Ctrl 1" alias -Ctrl "set Ctrl 0" alias +Alt "set Alt 2" alias -Alt "set Alt 0"1. Put it in a text file in your ZDoom folder. 2. In ZDoom, open the console, type exec <textfile> and press Enter. 3. In the console, type bind 0 "checkkey 0" and press Enter. 4. In the console, type bind alt +Alt and press Enter. 5. In the game, press Alt+0 to enable/disable God Mode. EDIT: Changed it to Alt+0.
  2. @C30N9: Sega Rally Championship?
  3. RazTK

    Tim Willits supports always-on DRM

  4. RazTK

    Music/Media Players- what should I use?

    The KMPlayer for pretty much everything. Does anyone here know it?
  5. RazTK

    Israel attacks aid convoy, kills 15

  6. RazTK

    Israel attacks aid convoy, kills 15

    Terrorism will be fought everywhere.
  7. RazTK

    Israel attacks aid convoy, kills 15

    You two are on about the same level on the ignorance meter. You make a great couple! @GreyGhost: It's a picture of some of the weapons that were used to attack our soldiers, fool. I promise you, they already have many of those in the strip. Anyway, please allow me to show you guys yet another video of an Israeli-Jewish propaganda: Thank you.
  8. RazTK

    Israel attacks aid convoy, kills 15

    It's better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt. Don't speak about things you know nothing about except for what the media is feeding you. http://www.ynetnews.com/articles/0,7340,L-3897667,00.html http://www.ynetnews.com/articles/0,7340,L-3898109,00.html Some of weapons that were found on the ship http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=obUhOcTSD1I 'Nuff said, really.
  9. RazTK

    Israel attacks aid convoy, kills 15

    You keep on saying unarmed while they did attack our soldiers (and were the first to do so) with knives, slingshots (are those "makeshift weapons" too?) and molotovs. You are misleaded and misleading. Also, sooner or later they would have arrived at Gaza; would it be any different had we waited them to enter our territorial waters?
  10. RazTK

    Israel attacks aid convoy, kills 15

    I think I did, yes. You may not know that, but the Navy commander gave the authorization to use live rounds only after the team was attacked. Unfortunately the soldiers had no other way of protecting themselves (and they did have to protect themselves somehow).
  11. RazTK

    Israel attacks aid convoy, kills 15

    No, the rest of the world gets to see what the media wants you to see. Our media shows exactly the same videos that dew posted above. Did YOUR media show them, BTW? I agree with you on one thing though: anything we say won't change the fact that people were unfortunately killed. We did have enough time to prepare ourselves for this encounter, yet we failed to do so properly. They have been warned a couple of times before we decided to take control of the ship, yet they refused to listen and responded saying "our destination is Gaza". They were told to change their course to Ashdod's port, so we could then transfer their supplies to Gaza, but our offers for help were refused again and again. We did not plan to kill anyone. Our soldiers were armed with paintball rifles and pistols only to defend themselves in case their lives were threatened. We didn't even imagine that those "peace activists" were planning to lynch us with slingshots and knives even before the first soldier set foot on the deck (as you can see in the video). I also thank you all for keeping this difficult discussion somewhat civilized. Thank you.
  12. RazTK

    Israel attacks aid convoy, kills 15

    What about the Armenians? What about Chechens? How would Turkey or the USA (or any other country for that matter) would react if someone whose interests are doubtable would come close to their territorial water? We *did* offer them to change course to another harbor in Ashdod, and to transfer their "deliveries" to Gaza. Gaza is being ruled by Hamas, a terrorist organization, and they are responsible for the so-called humanitarian issues and/or any other issues in Gaza. Period. We have the right to check any of the supplies that are being brought to Gaza in order to prevent any unwanted "things" (weaponry of course) from entering the strip. Israel is being continually attacked from the strip by terrorists (and the Hamas government does nothing except "censuring" it). But I bet you don't hear anything about it, do you? Hamas are in turn responsible for any loss on their side by our just actions to defend ourselves. All sorts of "peace" activities and protests around the world against Israel (including this very sailing to Gaza) are funded by so-called "organizations" (that mark themselves as "peace organizations", which are in turn funded by anti-Israel governments: Iran, Qatar, Turkey, you name it) with one purpose in mind: to steadily destroy Israel's image in the eyes of the world and in turn create such diplomatic crises. It's all planned to prepare the ground for Israel's destruction (which Iran's president already declared in public press, not once -- but, again, I bet you don't hear anything about it from your media). Why aren't there any protests against Turkey or Russia for what they did (and still do) to the Chechens and Armenians? I bet Russia won't even let such protests exist. But it's all about how Israel is evil and the rest of the world are pure angels. I could have kept going by I'll save you my "pro-Israel" (as many of you will mark as) speech. Let me add that on the sailing were a few (Arabic, of course) members from our parliament. This is an unbelievable situation that no other country would tolerate. Also, I'm NOT justifying ANY of the killings that happened today. In retrospect, we could have done it another way. Let the flaming begin. P.S. Sorry for any English-mistakes I might have made.
  13. RazTK

    What do i need to run it???

  14. RazTK

    The /newstuff Chronicles #367

    Unloved must be one of the most amazing WADs I've ever played. Check it out people.
  15. Kagemaru_H: Take a look on the following code. I think it can give you something to start off from, in case you want to add demo support. @echo off set x=0 for %%? in (PATH-TO-DEMOS\*.lmp) do call :addlmp %%? if %x% equ 0 goto :eof :choose set y=0 cls echo Demos echo ----- echo. for /l %%? in (1 1 %x%) do call echo %%?. %%file%%?%% echo. set /p y=Your choice: if %y% lss 1 (goto choose) else if %y% gtr %x% goto choose call start <SOURCE-PORT> -iwad <IWAD> -playdemo %%file%y%%% goto :eof :addlmp set /a x+=1 set file%x%=%* goto :eof