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  1. This marks the first post of mine after my two-day stint (thank you SO much for making it short...I swear that mistake was dumb and will not happen again) in Losers and my first in Blogs.

    I've been saving for a long time now, and I've decided to get a new compy for Christmas! I've made a list of parts, but not prices (so I have no idea how much this'll cost...but I'm guessing about 3.5-4 grand Canadian) of what I'm going to use. Props to my friend Matt for going through this piece-by-piece (damn/thank him and his 2-Year Computer Systems Degree!) and to Comiclez for shouting at me for 5-10 minutes about keyboards and mice.

    I'm going to use this computer mainly for media stuff (uber TV/DVD viewing, music, burning, etc) and DOOM (I'll finally be buying DOOM3, since this puppy will be more than capable of handling it), so bare that in mind as you read my list of parts.

    I'm half looking for advice on my selection of parts, as I have not taken any financial steps toward this computer as of yet, so it's not too late to change anything. I don't want to be making a really dumb move on a machine I'll be relying upon for 3-5 years solid.

    Without further ado, I present to you, the list of parts for my new computer!

    UPDATE: after an hour at a great compy shoppe, I fixed the list and got prices on individual parts. Between tomorrow and Friday I will have a few package deal estimates. Please note all prices are in Canadian funds.

    Making sure it is upgradable of course.

    EDIT: I'm quite possibly getting a 3.0GHz AMD Processor and a Gigabyte Motherboard, with room for another Processor (meaning I can get something like a 4-5GHz Dual-Core in addition to my current one a few years down the road), and I'm probably getting a second Hard Drive (120GB) for just my OS and such (kinda like partitioning, except a seperate Hard Drive, so things will run faster), and I'm not getting Media Centre, just a TV Tuner for my Vid card. My RAM may not be DDR2, but plain 'ol DDR instead.

    Things are still up in the air as of now.

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    2. -_DLD_-


      Heh. If I could get an 80GB from the package deal and shit, I would, as I only need 20-50GBs for the vital OS and installation stuff. I just don't want to fork more money over than I need to in that respect, since older parts are more expensive since they're harder to get. Perhaps it's due to crappy suppliers?

    3. Bank


      Dude, pick up october's PC gamer, they show you how to make a really kick-ass computer for less than 1500 US (like 2000 Canadian)

    4. Avenging Angel

      Avenging Angel

      Csonicgo said:

      How do I live? easy!
      list of games that worked with my 233 MHz:
      QUake II
      QUake III
      Unreal Tournament
      Nerf Arenablast
      duke Nukem 3-D

      I can understand all but Quake III and Unreal Tournament. How can you run such high end games, unless you have a good vid card and memory perhaps? ;)

      -_DLD_- said:

      160 is pretty much the smallest you can buy now. Some places may have 80, but that's getting more and more rare.

      The 160GB is for my OS and installations, the 250GB is for data...kinda like partitioning a 400GB Hard Drive, except faster.

      Methinks $2900 + accessores is pretty nice. ^_^

      The Monitor and Tower are almost half of that cost, too (Monitor about $1200, Tower about $200...this is after the price reduction due to this being a package deal).

      All sound great, except why a $1200 monitor? If you have a flat panel tv at home, you could also use that.....as most flat panels(17") are around 200-300 U.S. nowadays, unless you want the ultra sharp digital quality one that is.

      Bloodshedder said:

      What? No. 80GB (and 100, 120) drives are still being made, even. And you can easily still find down to 20GB, maybe even less.

      True, Blood, but alot of the smaller drives are either slightly harder to find than the larger drives....or are more expensive due to low production/supply/availability/etc.

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