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  1. I've never been more personally offended by hockey players.

    I can't believe this. That's 3 more hockey players I'm adding to my "Hate List" along with Brett Hull, Todd Bertuzzi, Darian Hatcher, and Chris Chelios.

    "OMFG, let's try to cure autism and wipe out some of the most brilliant minds known to man."

    If we had no autism, then we would have no Isaac Newton, no Bill Gates, no Albert Einstein, no me, and quite a few people on this site would be gone, too. What's funny is that there's a really really high chance that those hockey players or their wives (or both) are autistic themselves, as it is hereditary.

    I wish they had left an email address by that author, because I really want to write an angry letter to them. Perhaps the Athletes Against Autism site would be more helpful...

    Man, what bullshit.

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    2. Grazza


      I blame the Discovery Channel. Anyone who watches that for a few hours a day will start to believe they are an expert in everything.

    3. Snarboo


      Ralphis said:

      You are one of those assholes; The way I see it, you're one of these people that talks about how things are impossible just because at the moment it doesn't seem possible. Well I think everything is plausable by looking at how much we've accomplished in the past 100 years alone in medical sciences.

      I never actually said it's impossible, just that we might never fully cure the condition. We might be able to, or even prevent it from happening, but even then, there would always be the chance for someone to be born with it. That's true even today. We have cures or vaccines for the chicken pox, but people still get it. Our best bet, until we know the cause, is to try and find ways of treating and helping people who have it. That is already happening and seems to be helping.

      I believe we shouldn't jump the gun on this and claim victory before we really know. Some people believe that thimerasol in vaccines has caused autism. It is quite possible, but there currently is no established link between the two. Vaccines today have either lowered levels or absolutely no thimerasol in them, and children are still born with autism. People will still argue that it causes it no matter the evidence, which is what I mean by jumping the gun. I believe there is an increase in it because we can diagnose it better.

      It's quite possible that we could find a cure, maybe even tomorrow. However, some have claimed victory when we don't really know. Others, either unwittingly or intentionally, "prey" on families who are suffering with an autistic child and claim relief through alternative practices that make dubious claims. In the end, it seems like we forget the actual child when looking for the cure. Their needs come before anyone else. We shouldn't subject them to a hodge podge of different "cures" in the hopes that it might help them when it might do more harm. The best we can do is to use proven methods that help these children and allow them to live more "normal" lives where possible.

      I'm very concerned for both the parents and children. I don't want them getting hurt in their search to cure a condition that might not have one (yet!). They might become disappointed or frustrated and feel like failures. Having autism or bearing a child with the condition is not a failing of anyone nor is it wrong. It's simply something that happens. The best thing we can do is to learn and manage it and help those with it.

      The situation surrounding autism hits very close to home because I have ADHD, which is similar in some ways. I'd have to live with people calling me a failure or claiming I am just making excuses for things I can't help. I've had people claim they know what's best for me and that I should or shouldn't do this or that. I've had people tell me that it doesn't even exist and that I should buck up (not that I shouldn't anyway, heh). Some of their advice has done more harm than good.

      I've learned a lot from that. People claim you can outgrow the condition or that it can be cured, but there has been no proof of that. I've felt the same way and had the same problems my entire life, even with medication and therapy. It doesn't go away when you ask it too. It doesn't even go away when you confront it and know it's there. It might be the same situation with autism.

      That's why I'm cautious when people claim it can be cured. It has nothing to do with impossiblities. Even if we found a cure, it might not go away overnight, as it might take more therapy and treatment to relearn and forget how they have lived or thought for most of their life. I doubt you would forget how it was to be autistic after a cure. I know I can't forget any of my problems, even when I know what they are.

    4. Psyonisis


      I'm more offended at the picture caption.

      Kolzig has been active in the autism community since learning of his son's diagnosis.

      HOW NOBLE!