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  1. GOOD on ya DSM still writing the good DOOM Storys good work Hmmm coffy
  2. Na i like this site better but thanx for the site adress bye people
  3. Hey people i just wantid to know are there any differnt site's like this one i want to go on a differnt forum for a wile can any one give me a cool site ???
  4. and what does that mean
  5. Hey people i want to know when the hell is doom 3 comming out just asking Bye People Revenant
  6. Did any off u go to the site and have a look ok i am a bad speller so get over it
  7. HEy ppl what has been going on i have to do a lot of chaching up to do hehe hey plz check out my site is is about rf but have got a cool fourm but just take a look at it and have fun like the rest of the ppl bye
  8. I have a game called Red Faction and i made a site about the game i put some mod in the site my own Forum and it got cool stuff about RF2 ok and it got some stuff about my clan and outher people's clans
  9. NO
  10. My site is allmost better than this site and allready i have got 350 people have regesteriged on my site iguss i am cachingup with the amount in this forums. but i am trying to get my site to look as good as this one>
  11. Yes keep your fingers crossed i have cuz who is in there too.
  12. I have not been on Doom world 4 some time because i have been making a site of my own if u want to know what the site is called just ask P.S what the hell has been happing around here it has change a lot
  13. How come you cant see your amount of posts any more ???????
  14. I feel sorry for your computer screen
  15. Why shave your head? Happy B day!!!