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  1. mystery8

    idgames Maintainer Ty Halderman Passes Away At 69

    Terrible news. Rest in Peace, Ty. Thank you.
  2. mystery8

    The /newstuff Chronicles #252

    Wow. Best /newstuff ever. Thanks. I'm really impressed at the length and quality of the reviews and multiple screenshots for everything. It was well worth the wait and I wouldn't mind waiting this long to get such good reviews. Off I go to try some of this out.
  3. mystery8

    The /newstuff Chronicles #250

    Hurray. WB Newstuff.
  4. Excellent news. If there's two sets of Reviews for the NewStuff, post them both. Should be interesting seeing how they compare.
  5. mystery8

    Problems at id?

    Its sad to see things like this happen, but I'm certainly glad id isn't being sold. Though I was initially annoyed at Adrian Carmack for apparently trying to sell the company out for his own benefit at the cost of his co-workers (and the fans probably), I'll probably never know the whole story until "The Masters of Doom 2" gets written (if ever). As far as id's decline goes, it certainly seems noticable how many companies are now licensing Unreal Tech instead of id's tech. Although I enjoyed Doom 3 and it scared the hell out of me in places, Half-Life 2 was overall a better game (aside from Steam & related issues). I'm glad they "farmed" Quake 4 out to Raven. I like Raven games and it frees id up to make that new franchise. Anyone know what stakes the other co-owners have at id? I was surprised that Adrian had a rather large 41%. Since he, Kevin Cloud and John Carmark are founders, I figured they'd have large stakes, but how'd he get that much?
  6. mystery8


    Glad you're alright, Ty.
  7. mystery8

    The /newstuff Chronicles #246

    Dupe - Not bad. But not great either. Was fun to play, but not a keeper. Outahere - Very nice. I like outdoor maps and this one works well. Rockisle - Pleasing to the eye and fun to play.
  8. mystery8

    The /newstuff Chronicles #245

    The Final Gathering was pretty nice.
  9. mystery8

    Team Future is Dead

    Go Fish!
  10. mystery8

    Team Future is Dead

    Great looking maps.
  11. mystery8

    The /newstuff Chronicles #238

    Beyond Kadath = Pretty cool. Fun to play. I liked the detail in the starting area. Hi-Tech Hell 2 = Wow. Looks simply amazing with a lot of "I can't believe this is Doom 2". Great work.
  12. mystery8

    The /newstuff Chronicles #229

    Kickass. I thought 229 was forgotten about. Thanks.
  13. mystery8

    The /newstuff Chronicles #231

    Anyone else not getting emails when this thread is replied to? It still says I'm subscribed to the thread. Spam filter doesn't seem to be catching them (disabled it). Lots of detail in maps can be pretty cool, but as Retrograde shows, even maps without it can be fun. I thought the reviews this week were pretty decent. I've certainly seen worse.
  14. mystery8

    The /newstuff Chronicles #231

    Retrograde & Wish you where here were pretty fun to play. Looks aren't everything. Though the pillars (shown in the second screenshot) were pretty nifty.
  15. mystery8

    The /newstuff Chronicles #230

    Yay for NewStuff. Fear was pretty nice. I liked the Ship level in Paddock. That's about it :( One nice thing about old WADs - they usually download super fast, even for us Dialup people.