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  1. Naan

    What are your Relaxing Games?

    I found Hearthstone Battlegrounds to be really chill. Bob the Innkeeper is certainly a big part of that.
  2. Naan

    Game that everybody likes but you dislike

    Well, while I expected a full fledged game that happen to be played on mobile and was a bit disappointed (it's still way better than any H&S game available in mobile, which isn't much saying), I suspect Genshin Impact's critical success to have impacted (pun intended) Blizzard's decisions regarding how MTX work on Diablo Immortal. Even then, you can bypass all the gacha stuff by not playing PvP activities at all, while the PvE content is timegated. Something similar happened when they applied Valorant's MTX system to Overwatch, I guess they never expected such a reception. Blizzard seems to be the gaming industry scapegoat nowadays for some reason.
  3. Naan

    Game that everybody likes but you dislike

    Genshin Impact and its siblings (Tower of Fantasy et al.). Those games somehow escaped the general hate on mobile games among gamers. I still don't understand how such a game as been validated and how similar games such as Diablo Immortal have been hated on while it's basically coming from the same MTX shell. Marvel Snap. This one also escaped the hate being a mobile game with a ludicrous MTX system. It also features the MCU which I don't care about at all and very short games while I'm the so I feel like I'm the opposite end of the spectrum. Ironically, Hearthstone became a much better game when Ben Brode left its team to make Marvel Snap. Teamfight Tactics. Seeing how much it is endorsed, I feel like a mentally disabled dumbass by having absolutely no fun trying to learn the game. It's very unclear how the heroes behave in combat while not having and how the whole items/classes/gold hoarding system works with each other. Diablo 2. I share one of the first comments in this thread about this being the worst Diablo in the series, being absolutely a shore to play, charms being the worst mechanic above all. It's more like an inventory tetris simulator than anything. The endgame consisting in mindlessly rushing acts for bosses makes the critics about the current Diablo 4 endgame look stupid. Wrath of the Lich King. By far the worst World of Warcraft expansion when they basically dumbed down the game so playing alone along with pickup groups was a more effective way to progress the game than actually socializing and playing in a guild. Cataclysm and following expansions fixed that by having multiple difficulties for enfranchised and invested players (Mythic) and casuals (LFR, raider.io) alike. From Software games. I haven't tried them yet, the games may be good and all, but I dislike the whole elitist jerking around them being hard and stuff among their communities. Plus, the genre is nothing new, I remember liking adventure sword slaying games like Severance Blade of Darkness in the early 2000's.
  4. Naan

    Game that everyone hates but you like?

    - Doom 3. I liked the Half-life-esque take on the original Doom lore with the whole "experiment went wrong" and having the whole Doom 2 bestiary thrown in. - The Mass Effect trilogy. Layely I've seen more and more people bitching about its gameplay, story and narration being a bit… dated. I played the whole trilogy during the lockdown and got blown away by its background and storyline. The least liked episode for me was Mass Effect 2 as it gave up too much of its RPG elements to become a cover shooter game. - Diablo Immortal. It's basically a Genshin Impact clone with a Diablo skin while its gacha/p2w elements only affects PvP which is a small, passable part of the game. The game has its flaws but all the MTX talk hides them. Why people praise Genshin Impact and MiHoYo games while shitting on Diablo Immortal at the same time is beyond my comprehension. - Redfall. Only played a few dozen hours but had fun and enjoyed the arcade take on the open world principle. Clearly not the industrial disaster everyone claimed. - WoW Cataclysm. After a dumbed down expansion that made its commercial success, everyone left WoW when they actually make guilds relevant again by restoring some challenge akin to Burning Crusade. I guess people liked PUGing and facerolled the whole content.
  5. Naan

    Best Megawad of Each Decade

    Based on what I played: 1990's : Eternal Doom 2000's : Alien Vendetta 2010's : Epic 2 2020's : ... I guess Overboard for now? Pleasantly surprised to see Icarus cited by many, that would be my second choice as well.
  6. Naan

    Best Megawad Soundtrack

    Icarus: Alien Vanguard. Espiecally Tom Mustaine tracks. Love their atmosphere!
  7. Naan

    My experience with Scythe

    While I personnally dislike Scythe as most of its levels are short, easy and a bit pointless (its sequel is much, much better in every metric), I feel it is a great "first PWAD" to introduce people to Doom modding, showcasing and summarizing quickly what the scene has to offer.
  8. Naan

    Unpopular Doom Opinions

    From some of the latest topics over here: - I don't get why Baron's Den is somewhat universally considered as one of the worst maps from TNT: Evilution. To me it's just a somewhat average map. - I do like the texture filtering from GZDoom (OpenGL renderer?). Or at least I got used to it I guess?
  9. Naan

    fellow doomers, any mobile games you like?

    Playing games in mobile is not that different than playing on a GameBoy, 3DS or other nomad consoles. Anyway if you like roguelite card games I heavily recommend Night of Full Moon. I just love the whimsy artistic direction and the deck building is pretty good. I also currently play Diablo Immortal, a way better game that most people despise without having actually played it. The MTX are mostly optional and useless as far as PvE progression is concerned, they only affect the PvP side which is where all the whales battle against each other and can pretty much be ignored. The game has its share of flawed, repetitive gameplay systems but it's still miles better than any other hack & slash mobile games out there.
  10. Naan

    Best video game ever (that's not DOOM)?

    Outer Wilds. It's quite intriguing nobody mentionned it before me.
  11. Naan

    Known lost WADs of our history?

    I haven't seen it mentionned on this topic but while searching for early Boom mapsets I found The Parallel Dimension from the Parallel Team whose website is still hosted by Doomworld here : https://www.doomworld.com/parallel/ In there I learned that the team was working on a sequel called Extinction which Chapter I was expected to be out on September 2002 but seemingly never got released since then. I wonder what that project became. Some screenshots from Extinction are available on that website :
  12. Hello, Akin to the Most influential ZDoom maps? topic, I am looking for the very first maps and projects in the early era of source port development in late 90's, mostly using Boom features, even before ZDoom became a thing. A quick search showed me Run Buddy by Michael Krause which was one of the top 10 wads of its year. Do you know any others? Thanks!
  13. Naan

    What is the hardest map you've ever completed?

    Took a whole 2 hours and a half to beat Scythe MAP30 on uvmax pistol start as well with saves. But Darkwave0000's 3 heures d'agonie MAP29 was even harder, I completed it but failed to uvmax it.
  14. Naan

    Unpopular Doom Opinions

    Some map designs makes it irrelevant/impossible to be maxed out and that's perfectly fine. However, I actually dislike it when games prevents players from backtracking.
  15. Naan

    Unpopular Doom Opinions

    I found Baron's Den quite average. The worst TNT map would be Metal in my eyes, if only for its final arena.