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  1. Naan

    Unpopular Doom Opinions

    Some map designs makes it irrelevant/impossible to be maxed out and that's perfectly fine. However, I actually dislike it when games prevents players from backtracking.
  2. Naan

    Unpopular Doom Opinions

    I found Baron's Den quite average. The worst TNT map would be Metal in my eyes, if only for its final arena.
  3. Naan

    Unpopular Doom Opinions

    Continuing from my Icarus playthrough: I guess my enthusiasm has come to an halt coming to the 15-31-32-16-17-18 arc which was way below what I played so far (with 15 being arguably the worst map by far). Then the map quality went back up thanks to that sweet church themed map19. I loved the concept of map20, one of the best simulation maps so far. The beginning of the third episode was above average so far, then I stopped at the beginning of map24 which afaik has some ghost monster trickery involved or something?
  4. Naan

    Unpopular Doom Opinions

    I'm currently rediscovering Icarus: Alien Vanguard, having completed maps 01-14 and I was quite pleasantly surprised, despite the midly at best reception from the DWMegaWad club some years ago. It's probably one of the earliest attempts to make self-explained, story driven levels. Well it's quite far from being close to Half-Life's level of narration but at least you can guess that you are going after a missed ship named Icarus and you are bouncing between Icarus' sections, planet sectors and training simulations that must have been corrupted as the demons inside are deadly. I also liked most of the music and the fact that each of the 3 level styles have its own tone. Planet levels tends to have rock, nudging music while simulations' are quite lighthearted, and ship levels have that reccuring melody fitted here and there. I feel like it was also one of the earliest efforts to make a consistent megawad where, rather than taking a slot and submit a map following some rules like in most community projects, the level progression and map themes seems to have been decided beforehand and mappers picked what they'd like to create. Simulation levels must have been kind of "wildcard slots" where mappers had the most freedom to make eccentric concepts, such as the "flipsided" MAP05. For all of that I think this was a better release than Evilution which looked like a pile of levels where some may be individually better, but lacks the cohesive feel of Icarus.
  5. Frequent Endless random adventures reader here, I wanted to try out the random file link in /idgames for a spin and the very first WAD it shows me was… Equinox from B.P.R.D. which I played more times than I recall! Followed up with a 1994 deathmatch arena and a unrated 2021 vanilla compatible map that's basically an boxy house wad that could have made in the 90's.
  6. Naan

    What ruins Doom (1993)?

    Having replayed the original 3 episodes recently, here are the two things that slightly bothered me : * E2M9 is by far the worst map in my eyes, not even close. It seems strange to me that it's not motionned more in this topic. * E3M4 is the only map with a one-way door that prevents the player from revisiting missing sections/secrets/pickups/monsters.
  7. Naan

    The Doom Confessional Booth

    Maybe that's just me but I feel Narcissus is Back instrumentals from Christine and the Queens would make for a great Doom level music. It just somehow reminds me of some stock Doom music.
  8. Naan

    Some AV Announcements (and new content)

    Some original AV maps has some Eternal Doom influence as well. MAP20 anyone? I thought the first map has some elements of MAP24 as well. Nice stuff!
  9. MAP16 - “Forlorn Defense Line” by Tatsurd-Cacocaco - UVMax minus a secret after 20 deaths or so I'm not fond of this one. Most of the map is alright, sandboxy and Plutonia inspired but there are some annoying moments, like the balcony revenants rehelekretep pointed out. After like ten deaths, I concluded that the safest, almost mandatory, line of play was to shoot them from the outside after taking down everyone including the plasma rifle archvile guard. The final fight didn't play well for me, retreat to deal with flyers, rocket the chaingunners and finish off the mastermind while hiding behind the walls that have grown up.
  10. @rdwpa: Actually in my pistol start run I reached the exit with only one secret discovered (the backpack next to the vent) and I hunted for the others and the secret exit afterwards. So it is very playable, I found it easier than MAP10 for example. MAP32 - “Blood Fund Gang” by Toooooasty - UVMax minus the infamous 5 minute secret with 4-5 deaths and some saves Yay another Tooooasty map! This time, no automap gimmick, only the now usual partial mapping, and a visually stunning bank office with mostly vanilla resources. Be careful not to pass the security doors prematurely or you'll summon a gang of chaingunners ready to rip you while underarmed (died a few times trying to defeat this wave this way), wait to grab the YK to get some weapons to handle them. I wonder how you are supposed to get to the 5min secret on time with such hordes to fight and that many items to grab. Difficulty is just about right afterwards, on the same level than MAP15. Very good map that could be one of my favorites if not for that 5 minute trigger.
  11. MAP15 - “Nandeyanen” by Nanka Kurashiki - UVMax after a dozen deaths + saves I liked this one. More automap shenanigans here but mostly everything appears on the map, except an hellish part. I was afraid to stumb on a MAP10-like ammo management level reading the above comments but this was alright, even if the SSG is unavailable. All the rumbling is about chasing the damn red key here with many creative environments, many door tricks and clever secret hiding, even though the one located in the unmaped section can't be remotely guessed without IDDT'ing. I do like some GRAYTALL Cola with chips! MAP31 - “Manufacturing Plant” by Masayan - UVMax on first try, using a couple saves Chainsaw time! This map should be cramped levels haters' paradize, to say the least, as you may feel like an ant in a "manufacturing plant" environment. Thanks to antares031, I cleverly avoided to grab the secret weapons before getting the YK located inside a standard secret, which I would be angry and frustrated about if I find out myself later. Clearly not a good design. For the most part, gameplay consists in fighting hordes of zombiemen having sometimes the company of a mid tier monster with them you have to take down basically unarmed. That secret where you only have a dozen of shells to take down a Hell Knight then a arch-vile was somewhat tense. Outside section with imps and mancubi was kinda funny to see all those fireballs flying around. And this spidermind placement... Overall an under average map. Display bug - there's a HOM in the BFG9000 platform.
  12. MAP14 - “G_T_Factory” by toMass - UVMax on second try Not a huge fan of this one but it's still a solid short techbase map. Unlike most of us I found this level to be quite hard on pistol start which makes some secrets mandatory. Getting the SSG on the outside can be deadly if the arachnotrons are not dead so it requires advancing further. Getting past the blue switch room requires to find the chainsaw secret to kindoff bypass it and hop into the vent to the rocket launcher room, then to the yellow key so you can at last take down the arachnotrons and grab the Soulsphere and the SSG. From there, you can safely clean off the leftover monsters and the map is almost already finished. Definitely not the "incremental progress" type of maps I enjoy the most. The BFG secret is kinda pointless too.
  13. MAP12 - “Magnetic force apparatus” by burabojunior - UVMax on first try (exited at 12% health!) I liked more this map than the last two. I think it's equally difficult, but in a way I prefer. Sure, the hitscanners are annoying and you still have to manage your ammo but I feel the challenge is more "equalized" throughout the level, and I generally like this kind of incremental progress in maps. I didn't mind a lot the "crampness" of this sweet Vrack-inspired high-tech environment as it's not like you are fighting lots of high tier monsters in those corridors anyway (I'm looking at you, rev fight from MAP10). Nice stuff overall! MAP13 - “Bad Morning” by Namsan - UVMax on second try Not only the morning is bad, but it last quite long to empty the 300+ monster count in order to have some good sleep back. It wasn't quite the nightmare in the skill5 as the difficulty level dropped a bit from last maps as it is much more forgiving, but sure the layout felt surreal but appropriate anyway. It's also one of the first maps that encourages you to use and abuse the plasma gun. I died in the yellow key arena due to sloppy play, even though that's hands down the most challenging part in the map (those distant revs are tough!), so I've noticed that you could get the blue key and the red key in any order, and there is not a harder route than the other. Secrets were quite easy to get too, but taking the blue key route first made me pick up two blue armors almost in a row. Great map too!
  14. MAP11 - “My fav” by Nanka Kurashiki - UVMax minus a secret after some random telefrag deaths Yum, yum, goody goody... That could've been a more appropriate BGM for this level I guess? Anyway, I was not expecting another ammo management level given the previous reviews, but gimmick automaps seems to be a reccurent theme here. - The green zone being the worst one at that, I had to finish the arachnotron with the pistol as waiting for infights was not an option as radsuit time is ticking out. - The orange one is unexiting as soon as you learn you can hole yourself down and use the quarters as lifts, at least it was time to pile on ammo and health. - The blue one reminded me of TNT MAP30 with the small candle labyrinth (moreso than the entire MAP10 for some reason). The rest reminded me a bit of the blue section of Killer Colors. - The yellow one was okayish, got to empty cell supplies on those archies. - The red one was the small slaugtherish part wich reminded me somehow of the revenant arc from AV MAP29. - The grey part was yet another, much more forgiving, color platform puzzle akin to TNT MAP30. And I still missed a secret even with IDDT active. Found the soulsphere and green armor ones but I have no idea of the last.