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  1. WinstonSmith6079

    Aliens Doom TC: Special Edition

    I kinda liked the clouds, but whatever hehehe Cool! I hope it's that one that that guy posted, or very much like it, but we'll see what it is anyway hehehe I think not. It's supposed to be a redux of the famous Alien T.C., not an entirely new and different project. Keep it as much like the original as possible while revamping it as well. A good remake is both old AND new all at the same time. I say keep the old textures. Maybe improving them for use with today's stuff would be okay, if needed or good? But maybe they should still be recognizable as like the original game and stuff hehehe HOWEVER as far as Alien vs. Predator textures, I'd say they could still be used, but in a separate mod, separate from this one, see. Hey, maybe the main thing could be the more "pure" redux with the old textures and such, and then newer Alien vs. Predator stuff could be an addon to the main, eh? Then people could play either and both ways that way hehehe But for the main TC, I say keep it with more like the original stuff that is being remade and (re-)released hehehe I mean I thought the project was--basically--getting ye olde Aliens T.C. to work well with like GZDoom and such, with some new tweaks added. So why not stick to that, all while creating some potential for futute addons in the same stroke. Nice, eh hehehe
  2. WinstonSmith6079

    Aliens Doom TC: Special Edition

    I dunno about the other weapons, as I've not seen them yet (and don't gimmie no spoilers! :-O ), but I think the shotgun looks kinda cool: I noticed what I think might be a problem, something maybe not intended...?: I guess this is a shaft of light coming through a hole in the ceiling. You can shoot through it, just like light, and the bullet will leave its mark on the wall on the opposite side of the shaft of "light". However you can't walk through it. If you try, it's like trying to walk through a post, a small section of wall, ya know hehehe That's found on the first map of the Aliens T.C. Special Edition.
  3. WinstonSmith6079

    Hi-Rez Stuff Makes Evilution Play Doom II Music In GZDoom :/

    Oh? Oh! I thought that you slipped that in there for a problem for me to work out to learn a little something hehehe I think I did hehehe I wanna learn more stuff! hehehe "Risen3D", you say? Hmm, I think there's a Risen3D folder in MasterFaster's Doom Collection that I've not even peeked into yet (whatwith the billions and billions of stuffage for GZDoom in there hehehehe). I should look in it sometime and see stuff hehehe 'Coz I dunno the first thing about Risen3D stuff yet at all hehehe Woah! That looks crazily-awesome! I wonder when that will be done hehehehe :)) ...even though I don't yet know a damn thing about Doomsday yet either hehehehe
  4. WinstonSmith6079

    Hi-Rez Stuff Makes Evilution Play Doom II Music In GZDoom :/

    It worked! :D I did Method 1 hehehe But at first it didn't play any music at all during the first map. There was an error in the MAPINFO file. I reasoned it out though and figured out how to fix it. I learn hehehehe Do like the following (after downloading the above MAPINFO file): Open the 'TNT_MusicMAPINFO.pk3' file with an archive-handling program (I used WinZIP). Inside it will be a file with no extension called 'MAPINFO'. Extract it and then open it with a text-editing program such as Notepad or Wordpad. It will read (from the top):// MAPINFO for TNT. Exactly the same as Doom 2, except it // has different map names and cluster messages. // include "mapinfo/doomcommon.txt" clearepisodes episode map01 { name = "TNT: Evilution" key = "t" } defaultmap { sucktime = 1 } map MAP01 lookup "THUSTR_1" { titlepatch = "CWILV00" next = "MAP02" secretnext = "MAP02" sky1 = "SKY1" cluster = 5 par = 30 music = "TNT_RUNN" } [...] [Underlining added] See the underlined line there at the end? Change it to read (without the underlining, of course):music = "T_RUNNIN" and then all will be well YAAAAAAYYYY! :D WOOOO for Mithran Denizen! He make it work! YAAAAAAYYY! Mithran Denizen is te best! Mithran Denizen RULEZ! WOOOO! :D :D :D And just for the hell of it, I made a demo of me playing just after getting it to work, finally hehehe http://dl.dropbox.com/u/19002945/map01_into_map04.lmp (It's for GZDoom v1.506 [the latest (at this writing)] and you must also have the custom files 'zd-dhtp-20101225.pk3', 'DS-Models.pk3', 'pk_doom_sfx.wad', 'doom-all-remix-Sycraft-v4.pk3', 'TNT_MusicMAPINFO.pk3', and 'TNT31.WAD' attached to the Final Doom: Evilution IWAD ['TNT.WAD'] to run it.) Playing the old game in this new way is very, very cool! I did notice that it still must be a work in progress, though. See these two snaps I took while playing: Notice that the fire that comes from the back of the Lost Soul's skull shows through the front of its skull. The section of the wall with the different texture is a sliding door, but there is no decorative "doorknob" like in the regular game. I think I also have two alternate 3D modeled & textured monster-sets that I'll have to try (called "Sitter's Monsters"?)! hehehehe
  5. WinstonSmith6079

    Hi-Rez Stuff Makes Evilution Play Doom II Music In GZDoom :/

    Okay so far what I've done is went to this page: http://sycraft.org/content/audio/doom.shtml and downloaded the three files for each of the TNT and Doom2 soundtracks, thinking I'd try each set. Then I changed the .INI file to read:[Doom.Autoload] Path=.\PWADs\Doom Hi-Rez Textures & Models\zd-dhtp-20101225.pk3 Path=.\PWADs\Doom Hi-Rez Textures & Models\DS-Models.pk3 Path=.\PWADs\Doom Hi-Rez Textures & Models\pk_doom_sfx.wad [Doom1.Autoload] [Doom2.Autoload] [TNT.Autoload] Path=.\PWADs\Doom II - Hell On Earth\Sycraft-D2-high-full.pk3 Path=.\PWADs\Final Doom - Evilution\Sycraft-TNT-high-full.pk3 Path=.\PWADs\Final Doom - Evilution\TNT31.WAD That eliminated the Doom II music that I was having before, but still doesn't give me any of the enhanced tunes. I also tried changing the 'Sycraft-TNT-high-full.pk3' archive to have the tunes be prefixed with 'd_' instead of 'tnt_' but that changed nothing. :( On the side I extracted the enhanced TNT tunes to me Desktop to give them a listen and hear what was the difference. Well I must say that they sound *beep*ing excellent! But they're not playing in my game yet. :(
  6. WinstonSmith6079

    Hi-Rez Stuff Makes Evilution Play Doom II Music In GZDoom :/

    Aw, jeez! I was damn-near passing out asleep at my computer--AGAIN!--when I did that. I've linked to the wrong goddamn file! Lemme fix that right now! Ah, okay! Now it's the right file! :P hehehehe Before addressing the rest, I'm gonna try what you've suggested in the re-writing of that part of the .INI file. BBL!... hehehehe
  7. WinstonSmith6079

    Hi-Rez Stuff Makes Evilution Play Doom II Music In GZDoom :/

    Oh. Well what should I fill into the Paths? My file-structure is as so: This is the top level of my GZDoom-only setup (My MasterFaster Doom stuff is a completely other setup located elsewhere.) As you can see there's a specific dir for all PWAD-stuff-files hehe This is my PWADs dir. As you can see, there are no files in there, only other dirs. The PWAD stuff is all in those. [both pictures uploaded with ImageShack.us] And what would be the best of all to do about (what seems to be) the music file? (Here it is to analyze in detail for oneself: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/19002945/doom-all-remix-Sycraft-v4.pk3 [~261MB].)
  8. WinstonSmith6079

    Aliens Doom TC: Special Edition

    Are Jumping and/or Crouching used in this mod? What about Falling Damage? And that extra sky pic is excellent! Very, very nice! :) But I dunno how to put it in the .WAD to replace the current sky with it.... :/ I'm gonna give it a go right now hehehe Append: Nice! Very cool! Looks great, but the sound effects are even better--they give me the creeps when moving with much trepidation through the xenomorph-infested areas. I took some pictures while I was there: [URL expired] (Yes, I made a .ZIP, and they're in the .ZIP hehehe) There's eight pictures there. Maybe more people should snap some better ones hehehe
  9. Yeah, that's what it does. I dunno why, it makes no sense as far as I can tell. This problem does not happen when I don't use the Hi-Rez stuff. Yeah, I wanna play with the regular Evilution tunes when I play Evilution, even if I use the Hi-Rez stuff. As far as I can tell, all relevant files are up-to-date. Here's my .INI & .BAT files for it, though it's probably just God screwing with me yet again, like he always does in every little thing I ever try to do. http://dl.dropbox.com/u/19002945/gzdoom_loaded.ini http://dl.dropbox.com/u/19002945/Final%20Doom%20-%20Evilution%20%5Bhi-rez%5D.bat
  10. I wanna play some of whatever custom stuff is out there for Doom³. There must be some good ones out there, so are there any that anyone can recommend? And, by that, are there any worthy of note that one would most certainly NOT recommend? In either case, tell me a little something about your recommendations I've been doing this sort of thing for the original Doom games for years, and one is amazed at some of the really, really good stuff out there! But of course there's also much, much more n00b-*beep* out there as well. Being quite newer to Doom³ i didn't want to immediately start shoveling through tons and tons of virtually-unplayable n00b-*beep* just to find the proverbial needle in the *beep*stack. But I did want to start playing immediately...something good. Playing something good, yes hehehe I'm using the ordinary CD-ROM versions and not the Steam versions, if that matters. Thanks in advance!
  11. WinstonSmith6079

    PRBoom+ v2.506: Mouse-Button Binding?; Launcher?

    Yeah, I could re-bind the weapon buttons to other buttons, but I still would love a Next Weapon/Previous Weapon function that could be bound to Mouse-Wheel Up and Mouse-Wheel Down, respectively. Hell, if I had the technical and programming knowledge, I'd add the function myself and release it to everyone, submit it to the PRBoom+ people for approval as a new version and stuff and whatever. But I don't. :( I sure wish that someone who does have such knowledge would add that in there, though. I'm guessing that it wouldn't truly screw-up old compatibilities and all to have that in there.
  12. WinstonSmith6079

    PRBoom+ v2.506: Mouse-Button Binding?; Launcher?

    Woah! That did help, a lot! Thanks, man! :-) However I would still love to see a Next Weapon/Previous Weapon function in PRBoom+ (and GLBoom+). I totally can't get to those number-keys in time to switch my weapons that way. I've used GZDoom for years and it has such a function, as do the vast majority of FPSs. I don't see why PRBoom+ shouldn't have it too. So please, somebody put that in there, please.
  13. WinstonSmith6079

    PRBoom+ v2.506: Mouse-Button Binding?; Launcher?

    Oh. I hope you're wrong because, even though certain things were hard-coded in the original game program, that would rather defeat the purpose of an added feature like mouse-look, which exists in the port (but didn't in the original game).
  14. WinstonSmith6079

    Last Doom Wad you played

    Just started Memento Mori last night. I'd heard its name for years but had never gotten around to giving it a go. I've completed Map07 so far. It's quite good--good level design.
  15. WinstonSmith6079

    What ports do YOU use?

    I've used GZDoom almost exclusively for years now since it was invented. I've just started to give PRBoom+ (particularly GLBoom+) a try. It looks excellent! I just downloaded Chocolate Doom and am gonna give that a try as well.