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  1. darknation

    user Malinku was murdered

    Saddened to hear this. My sympathies to his friends on here.
  2. darknation

    I made a huge mistake today

    Yeah, not calling the result. But right now... well, imagine America as a drunk man who you witness walking down the street. He stumbles over the kerb and falls face first into a gigantic dog turd. It's been there for maybe an hour, slowly cooling in the midnight air; the outside of the turd is cold and clammy, perhaps with a sheen of condensation forming on a light crust, but the inside is still warm and mushy enough to remind you it was has only recently been deposited in a fanfare of fart gas and a sharp hot slap as it hit the pavement. And your first reaction is to laugh, but you instantly stifle that shit and raise a hand to your mouth. "My God, that's terrible!" you think, guilty as sin because that's the way you've been conditioned. And then, as you watch the man flail around with a face full of shit and freshly passed intestinal worms, you remember you know this guy. And you remember that you don't particularly like him. He's that prick who is always going around telling other people what to do, always starting fights, always being a sanctimonious asshole. He's rich, you're poor, and that annoys you, and you can feel righteous about those feelings. His wife is a haughty cow, his kids are even fucking worse than he is, and... well, you know what, FUCK that hypocritical douche. He got what he deserved. And you laugh, because it feels cathartic. You know that he's going to go home in a foul mood because his suit is all shit, he's going to beat the wife and the kids, he's going to start even more hypocrisy and fucking proselytizing and he's going to turn that crap up to 11. And, honestly, you don't give a flying fuck at the moon, because this shit was fucking hilarious and totally fucking worth it. So yeah. I'm having a good time right now. darknation raises his coffee cup in tribute
  3. darknation

    I made a huge mistake today

    Fuck this, I'm staying up tonight. Watching the twitterati shit its collective pants in an impotent apoplexy of rage is just too fucking funny right now. I'll regret it in the morning, but right now I'm kinda secretly hoping Trump wins. Fuck these faux-liberal establishment frauds, tonight I'm watching the whole thing burn down and I'm going to laugh as the roof caves in on top of them.
  4. darknation

    I made a huge mistake today

    In which case Vermin Supreme wins, and America will get the President it deserves.
  5. darknation

    I made a huge mistake today

    I came the conclusion a long time ago that it doesn't matter. Regardless of which one gets in, America will get the President it deserves.
  6. song is identified 3.02 minutes in.
  7. darknation

    DooM: Punch-out!!

  8. darknation

    The Metal / Rock Music Fans

    SYL soundboard recording?
  9. darknation

    Meanwhile in Scotland

    Adopting the Euro is, at this point, a no-brainer anyway. The British pound is going to be worth about the same as a US dollar in about 4 years time. My main concern with adopting the Euro is that we should do it as soon as possible to get the best possible conversion rate. As for grandfathering... Well, it honestly never occurred to me that we'd get preferential treatment. All I expected was the same deal everyone else gets. The only thing I can see as being an exceptional case is if we have independence before Britain actually leaves the EU. Then the debate comes down to "Was Scotland actually a country in it's own right, and was always in the EU, or was it just a region of Britain and now technically an entirely new country?"
  10. darknation

    Meanwhile in Scotland

    Enough. You don't have a clue what you are talking about and you have no grasp on history beyond the past five years. Your opinions, such as they are, are entirely US centric and you have no idea of the outer world. I am being polite, in the vague hope that this won't be the 207th darknation shitthread.
  11. darknation

    Meanwhile in Scotland

    Yeah, thank God that the separation of Ireland from the UK was such a bloodless affair.
  12. darknation

    Meanwhile in Scotland

    Maybe the difference is "Independent country that is a member state of the EU", v.s "Glorified appendix to England." Or to put it another way, just once in my lifetime, I'd like to be able to vote and have my vote mean something. Rather than being told thanks for my input, but you're getting brexit and Tories and fascist fuckwits anyway.
  13. darknation

    Meanwhile in Scotland

    Scotland to open embassy in Berlin Top tier trolling from the Scottish Government.
  14. darknation

    Meanwhile in Scotland

    I don't even know who the hell they could use as the face of the Remain side. Boris? Not a hope in hell. The person has to be Scottish. Dugdale? Even Labour's own faithful cried pish when her name was mentioned at the recent leadership hustings, so she's out. Ruth Davidson? Not a hope in hell, as much as the press big her up as the saviour of the union, she's a Conservative and Conservatives are fucking poison for Scotland. The big beast Gordon 'Financial Crash' Brown? Possible, but only if they can manage to keep him on his meds for the entire campaign. Plus, they only wheel him out of the asylum once a year, and he's still got that entire 'The Pledge' thing to answer for which would automatically sink any campaign he's associated with. Whoops here's evidence splashed all over the front page of the Daily Record, that you, sir, are a lying fucking sack of shit. God, this is going to be hilarious.
  15. darknation

    Meanwhile in Scotland

    Nope. And, bear in mind, this was before the UK government pissed off the European Union so completely and utterly. Politically, the EU is in a really fucked up place right now because the UK has voted out. It makes them look weak and has gotten other countries thinking it might be time to break out the lifeboats. It actually makes sense for the EU to undo some of that damage by allowing Scotland to stay, even if only for the 'see, not everyone is a roast beef eating bigot' points. Basically, the UK pissed off the EU, but the EU would piss off the UK far, far more if they supported an independent Scotland and all our delicious oil. The UK as a whole is looking at a massive trade deficit because of brexit: remove the North Sea and the whisky trade (3.95 billion pounds per year) from the equation and you practically guarantee that England enters a fuckstorm of financial shittery that EU members can look upon and vow to never, ever make the same mistake themselves. edit: for those interested in the massive political shitshow that Scotland is currently weathering, I made a educational post on the matter a few months ago for your viewing and personal gratification.