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Everything posted by darknation

  1. darknation

    Aww fuck...Trent's at it again

    I'm gonna have to buy that CD... you're always going on about how crap it is and it's made me curious. You are SO full of shit.
  2. darknation

    Angry pissed rage

    Heh... office supplys rule.
  3. darknation

    Angry pissed rage

    You know, I think that my keyboard is quite possibly the most disgustingly rank item in the entire universe... It's got to the stage now where it's easier to just buy a new one than attempt to clean it. *reads more linooks related material* btw thanks fraggle
  4. darknation

    Angry pissed rage

    Second button is useful for applications (freehand and photoshop spring to mind) I should point out that I love MacOS and Macs in general. if I could do it again I'd buy a G4 instead of this heap of junk.
  5. darknation

    Angry pissed rage

    I'm seriously thinking about installing linux on this machine, but I confess I know very little about it other than windows is pissing me off more every day and linux is about the only viable alternative. I know some of you guys use linux a lot, could you point me to information and advice on which linux distribution is best for a complete newbie? My requiremts are word processing, surfing the net and doom... that's about all I really need to do, anythign else is a bonus [edit] And how the fuck do you pronounce "linux" anyway? [/edit]
  6. darknation

    Of Topic - couple OS questions..

    Personally I prefer windows 2K, it does nearly everything XP does with less memory abuse
  7. darknation

    Angry pissed rage

    Ayefirmative, I'm nver buying a shop PC again... I've had to replace virtually every component at some point, from the hardrive (which went blamo about a year back) to the motherboard (which fucking melted) to the modem. It's a packard smell btw. Another gay thing about shop PC's are the fuckign installation discs. You can't reinstall windows without a giant heap of shit coming with it, your software is useless if you upgrade your OS (I've got a legal copy of word 2000 sitting on my installation discs doing fuck all) and these bastards wonder why piracy is so rife amongnst computer users? Anyway, sorry to hear about your hardrive. i hope you manage to save everything important.
  8. On retrospect I should of left that link well alone... ;p
  9. darknation

    Moderation Request

    heh, I debated bugging bigdog at DC for a mod position... in the end I decided against because the only person there in need of moderating is me :p Yeah, i noticed that too... I guess I'm just not 1337 enough.
  10. darknation

    Super Happy Fun Contest Time

    Think doom3 will have crates?
  11. darknation

    [Off-Topic] GTA3 PC

    Zarcy, you lucky bastard... DMA design rock. I was working with the wife of one of DMA's head artists... I thought that if I sucked some dick I might be able to get my foot in the door of an accual games company. No chance... inconsiderate bitch just dumped the guy, thus ruining my chances.
  12. darknation

    Doom: the sitcom

    Last Phototshop Phriday (collectable plates) there were a few entries by a Linguica... any relation?
  13. darknation

    Super Happy Fun Contest Time

    Why the deep rooted hatred for crates? Doomers love crates!
  14. darknation

    Doom 2 Coming Soon

    Good, maybe this time they'll not forget the little details like the cyberdemon...
  15. darknation

    First DOOM III screenshots

    I have the soundtrack on CD and it's fucking brilliant. I listen to it when i'm just playing episode 1... Anyway, I'm disapointed by these shots... they look more like resident evil than doom. Suck.
  16. darknation

    Hotmailers beware

    An email account assosiated with microsoft? Don't think i'll bother thanks, MS has always been fond of bent buisness practices. Your ISP should provide you with an email account, use that. And your ISP can't aford to piss you off, especially if you are paying for their services. I've not had one spam email with my freeserve address from day one.
  17. darknation

    We love you Yoda!

    uh, don't all you star wars groupies want to shag leia? ;)
  18. darknation

    World Cup footy

    Football is a homoerotic sex substitute.
  19. darknation

    We love you Yoda!

    Am I the only one of the opinion that George Lucas pulls the plot of each starwars film out of his ass two weeks before preproduction?
  20. darknation

    We love you Yoda!

    Personally, I think the problems with CGI lie mainly in the hands of the animators. The CGI has got to move right, like it has weight and momentum. Good example of movement is Aliens as apposed to Alien... the accual Alien suits in Aliens were pretty crap compared to the original, but because Cameron had the aliens moving more realisticly the viewer is convinced that the Aliens were far supieror to that of the original. It's the same concept with CGI, the animator's haven't got their shit together yet. All the really good animators are working with paper and pencil and can't use 3D studio max, and it's going to take a while for a new generation of artists to emerge. Some of the most impressive CGI I've seen was done by Phil Tippet in Starship troopers... the big tanker bugs were shit, but the little bugs were brilliant and totally realistic. Same with the ships. Both were a combinaton of tradtional model making and CGI. Ultimately it could turn out that, like Stop-Motion, CGI has very definate boundaries of what it can and can;t do convincingly. I suspect lucas id doing everything CGI (sets, ships, effects and characters) in order to establish ILM as the only choice in the field.
  21. darknation


    haha. http://mysite.freeserve.com/gsi/index.html My personal pages. I fully expect to see my face on Yablonski by the end of the week.
  22. darknation


    Yeah, it's called pimping, and apprently it doesn't work...
  23. darknation

    You people write at a fifth grade level

    Can someone check Executor's IP? From his behaviour at doomcenter I'm next to convinced he's accually reol.
  24. darknation

    nes stuff

    Oh YEAH! I remeber the football game with those characters in it! it was a fantastic game, you could do a super overhead powerkick and the ball would fly throught he air at supersonic speeds, the gaolie would try to save it and the ball would just blast right through the bastard. You could kill players by tackling them too. Class! I think it was called Nintendo World Cup.
  25. darknation


    WTF is DAP, and why is it screwing with my website? I presume it's some nice new "feature" included in winXP