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  1. darknation

    You people write at a fifth grade level

    Vowels are for losers.
  2. darknation

    You people write at a fifth grade level

    Me no comprehend Fodders. Me puny scottish brain in English skills is lacking.
  3. darknation

    It just never ends...

    The Daily Record got the darknation award for best headline today... [size=4]NINJA SCHOOLBOY SHOOTS 18[/size]
  4. Chaotic Evil Dwarf Fighter Cleric Fuckin' A
  5. darknation

    Killing Me Softly...

    I am the one ;p Go fodders.
  6. darknation

    Killing Me Softly...

    I am not even arguning around you. This is not the place.
  7. darknation

    Killing Me Softly...

    Well this is like, really helpful... Pritch, dude, best thing you can do is take your GF andjust tell her what you've told us. If she feels for you and realises she needs help, that's the first and most important step. After that it's the two of you against any problems, and it's easier. PS: Orion is a fool. Ignore him.
  8. darknation

    Tnt Evilution mp3s!

    ...for people like me who's midi synth sucks ass.
  9. darknation

    Avatar question...

    OK, I've been trying to ignore it... it's been bugging me for about a year... I've been avoiding asking the question for fear of looking like a n00bie plank... but I can keep my mouth shut for no longer... Can someone tell me WHAT THE FUCK IS WITH THE FISH???
  10. darknation

    Avatar question...

    Ah right, I always associated the dopefish more with Quake. Well, that's my life improved now. Thank you.
  11. darknation

    wolf3d for the GBA

    Gameboy Advance: 32bit system playing 8bit games. Nintendo must be so proud of themselves.
  12. darknation

    out with the old, in with the new.

    My first copy of doom was pirated... and I've spent about £150 on doom and doom-related products since then. Kinda like the effect the doom shareware had on the pundits eight years ago... And as for the MP3 vs tape thing, hook up your PC/mp3 player to a high quality sound system and you can really hear the difference.
  13. I'd take zdoom, take out all the shit features like mouselook and scripting and reverse engineer it back into the original doom2.exe.
  14. darknation

    Hello from a newbie.

    http://forums.newdoom.com/UBB/Forum3/HTML/002343.html Whoopsie...
  15. darknation


    If Macromedia, Adobe and Discreet would just lower their prices they'd get more money surely... 3D Studio Max at $3500... 1 customer for every 5'000 machines 3D Studio max at $50... 1 customer in every 5 machines Same goes for photoshop. And flash, but ever more so. By charging vastly inflated prices for software they are not only cutting of a huge potental sorce of revenue, but shooting themselves in the foot because they have given birth to this "It's OK to warez if the company is huge" culture. Oh, and the only piece of software on this PC that I accually paid for is deepsea. The rest be on de install disc (warezed) or of de internet (warezed also)
  16. darknation

    damn your ugly!

    reol was never educated, hence he never got the chance to get beaten up as a kid...
  17. darknation

    First person shooters.

    lots of themes = diakatana = bad game *awiats liam the bard to come forth*
  18. darknation

    Bigd Loves Us

  19. As gay as a picture of elton john open in coraldraw?
  20. darknation

    Sprite Tutorial

    I made a tutorial (square aimed at aspiring artists) on how to make sprites from scratch. Some of you may find it interesting. Some of you won't. Whatever, it's at http://www.teamdeim.com/darknation/ Like? Dislike?
  21. darknation

    Small DOS Games

    lol BTW sopwith was the bomb. Probally the first game where you could destroy bovines, thus making it a predesessor to the Baron of Hell in Doom. You see, it's all connected in strange and mystic ways...
  22. darknation

    Sprite Tutorial

    Esco: Hmmm... problem with making a 3D model and converting it to doom is not only buying a 3D modeler but learning to use it. My original idea was to get Gmax and make the models in that, but it's so goddamn complex to do that I gave up in the end. And if anyone does know how to use gmax to make simple models you can bet your ass that they won't be writing any tutorials anytime soon. It's a complicated deal, and I'd be just as fast drawing out the sprites with pen and paper. I lot of people view 3D models as the easy way out, but talk to Eloba and Zaldron and I think you'll find otherwise. Plus I like the flexabilty that goes with drawing by hand... that's why CGI movies depicting previously hand-drawn characters seldom work. It's a lot easier to cheat and change stuff when drawing by hand (chack out all the cartoons you watched as a kid... dangermouse, duckula, etc) and you'll see that as the character turns the drawing changes the details around... hairlines move about the place, noses slide across the face, ears move down and mouths appear to the side. This sort of 'artistic licence' is hard to replicate on a 3D model. I'm going to time myself next time I make a single frame from a sprite and see how long it takes me... If I hurried I bet I could churn out the five angles in about six hours and after that it's a simple case of changing the legs and arms to animate. You could do the entire sprite in a couple of days if you really set your mind to it and had nothign do do for a weekend... Fredrik: heh. gayness. DSM: It's probally worth changing programs... once you learn one paint program, you've learned them all (apart from Photoshop which is so complicated it's painful). I'm gonna download PSP 4 tonight and check out what the difference between it and PSP 5. I suspect it just lacks the filters. Most important thing with a program is that you are comfortable with it. If you spend half your time swearing and cursing at the editor than that's half your time not making sprites.
  23. darknation

    Sprite Tutorial

    Wintex extracts doom sprites to .bmp format, so any program that can read bitmaps can read these files What program are you using?
  24. darknation

    Sprite Tutorial

    You could probally use MS paint if you felt brave enough. I just like PSP, it's shareware for version 4, it's not £500 and my photoshop 5k1llz are not what they could be. Basically I've been using PSP for three years and I've been using photoshop for about three days.
  25. darknation

    Sprite Tutorial

    Alright, i did something that's not sucksome. I'll be adding more tutorials in the near future. Is there any processes that anyone wants covered first? Questions? Requests? Oh, and if anyone else what's to share something with the rest fo us and write a tutorial you're more than welcome to have it posted on my page or linked to. There seems to be a thing amongst certain people about hording infromation and techniques to yourself... there also seems to be a serious shortage of quality artists kicking about. Or maybe that's just me being pessimistic.