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  1. darknation

    DTNC Publicity

    Don't worry. I think www.newdom.com should be opening in a couple of days.
  2. darknation

    Forever Doomed

    The entire of your argument is based on the linguina quote... You're argueing with his words, not mind. Read it more carefully before you try to be smart with me please. :)
  3. darknation

    Forever Doomed

    What a lot of bollocks everyone is speaking. You say REoL was banned for posting blood and guts, but I think it's a lot more of a perrsonal issue. Why don't some of you people just grow up and say what you mean. Example, prowler said: "Frankly I'm glad MetofDoom (George Fiffy aka King REoL if you still haven't figured that out) was banned a while back. Nazi dictatorship? Nigga please. You posted pictures that were disgusting and uncalled for, you are an idiot, you deserved to be banned. " When what he really meant to say is "Argh, dammit, I hate you REoL, it's a personal thing, go die,..." etc etc etc. Which is fine. But REoL also hates you Prowler, as well as ling etc. So why keep on gouing on about it? Secondly, the whole Doomworld Newdoom thing. Here is a cut from ling's own mouth: "I'm sorry, I didn't realize that I had said anything bad about NewDoom. I just thought it was funny how that article seemed to be totally kissing NewDoom.com's ass. I mean, it's talking about Doom Legacy and JDoom, and then suddenly there's a page all about NewDoom.com... it was just kind of weird. My opinions... I think that Doomworld has a lot more in the way of resource sections -- you guys have an editing utils page which looks to be about as comprehensive as ours, but we have a bunch of other stuff like our source ports section which you guys don't have. NewDoom, OTOH, seems currently to have a better and more timely news crew, and the forum community is a lot more friendly and tight-knit than DW's. PlanetDoom, when that opens, will kick both our asses, but that's a given anyway" There endth the quote. Linguna apparetnly does not have a problem with newdoom. So why do the rest of you constantly bitch about it? You wanna know why most threads at newdooom are shut down? It's because of threads like this where somebody says "Doomworld is gay". Wmull is defending doomworld when he shuts the thread. Get that into your thick skulls people! Now if you will excuse me, I'm going back to the newdoom forums to burn pitures of ling and shout "Heil Hitler" and such. Here endth the rant. ANd don't bother to pick apart my spelling or gammar if you feel the need to flame me, because I am doped up on pain killers at the momment and quite frankly don't give a fuck.
  4. darknation


    Inbreeding creates imune system problems as the genepool does not contain enough vairity, plus tends to over pronounce family features (the royal family of Britain and their handglider ears). And it's pretty gross
  5. darknation


    The effects of inbreeding are aready apparent in the doomworld forum :) Anyway, looking forard to the next icarus web.
  6. darknation


    "It's incredibly obvious that those anonymous users that supposedly support Reol is in fact real himself trying to act like he actually has friends." Well, here's a registered user saying that he is a fan of King REoL. Daggah is saying is that you don't have to be a level designer to recognise shit. Well Daggah, I bet you see shit every day. Perhaps if you pulled your head out of your arse, then you would see less shit. You talk shit. You produce shit. You wallow in shit. What are you, the human dung beetle? I think that you must be the world authority on shit, Daggah. So why not fuck off to a forum with other shit-lovers like yourself?
  7. darknation


    What the hell is you guys problem?